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Brown Booby Frustrated In Efforts To Spot Rare Human


From the Brown Booby's human-watching journal:

Awk! Awk! I really must be as stupid as they say.

I make my once-in-a-lifetime human-ing trip up to Buffalo and all I see is the same darn people I've been seeing back home in Florida!

Buffalo Bills fans! They are down in Florida too. I added the Buffalo Bills Fan to my life list when I was still a chick. You can't fly 10 feet without running into one of those.

The Tufted Backwards-Baseball-Cap-Wearing Youth, he is so common!

It's my first time this year for the Tweedy UB Professor. But it's not as if he's exotic or anything. As a matter of fact that professor quoted in the story about me in The Buffalo News, I saw that exact same guy in Florida, looking right at me.

No goal! That is a quaint expression I hear in this Great Lakes town. 

Why are rare humans so hard to spot??

The Best Thing Ever Said By an Opening Band


Last night at the Tralf Music Hall, Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams -- the band of brothers opening for Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band -- won our heart with their closing remark. 

One of them -- we think it was the sitar player, Naryan Padmanabha -- told the large and roiling crowd: "Obviously you're going to stick around."

Ha, ha! We love self-deprecating humor and that is a classic. We are now a Family Funktion Fan.

In other words: Obviously we're going to stick around!

Concert Presents Fashion Dilemma


What do you wear to the Melvin Seals concert? It is a big question and a thing to be concerned about.

Melvin Seals is playing at the Tralf Music Hall tonight.

"It's like Halloween," says one friend. "You feel you should go in costume."

Will you be able to find your Grateful Dead hoodie?


Perhaps you should call in sick to work or cut class and get crafty.



You know how Terrapin Station is always telling you to stop in and say Hi?

This could be the day!

Rare Photos of Jacquie Walker Surface On Internet


As Jacquie Walker celebrates 30 years with Channel 4, she is being toasted and roasted.

Steve Cichon, former news director for WBEN-AM, helpfully posted the picture above. He says it dates to the late '80s and features, left to right: Van Miller, Jacquie, Bob Koop, Carol Jasen and Ted Textor.

The gracious Jacquie herself posted this picture which we hope she will not mind us sharing.


Colleagues are chiming in.

The perpetually youthful and stylish Doris Jones, who like Walker is a member of the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame, writes: "Congratulations to one beautiful lady... inside and outside. You look as young as ever -- always perfectly groomed and a real talent." 

Shane Brother Shane, the greet deejay, writes with his trademark eloquence: "Wish I could have been with you, every step of the way, Chipmunk."

And speaking of eloquence, the great Mike Randall, who in August celebrated 30 years with Channel 7, wrote his congratulations, adding: "30 years at one station!?! what are you nuts!!"

Two Heads of '80s Hair Are Better Than One

We start this week with a feeling of well being because not only have the Bills carried off a massive victory, but we were visited last week by two classic heads of '80s hair.

One was Sarah Brightman, whom Buzz beheld at UB's Center For the Arts.


The other, Bernadette Peters, whom Buzz had the honor of seeing at Kleinhans Music Hall. Here is the exquisite and exclusive Buffalo News photo, taken by Harry Scull:


What marvelous manes! Having them both here within days of each other is rare, like a solar eclipse.

Clearly Buffalo's planets are lined up right!


The King of Queen


It was great fun last night, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's tribute to Queen. There is one thing Buzz keeps laughing about but it was too difficult to describe in the review.

It was something singer Brody Dolyniuk did. Can you get over that name, you know? You have to keep looking it up just to get it right. Everyone has a right to be proud of his ethnicity but in this case, a stage name is justified. Look at Freddie Mercury, that was a stage name. We are just saying.

But anyway.

Dolyniuk, center in the picture above, was sort of filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury -- sort of, meaning, he put his own spin on it. What he did that cracked us up, he jumped down from the stage and sat down in the seats, among BPO patrons. Then he raised his arms straight up, exultantly, fists in the air, the way rock singers do.

Ha, ha! Everyone cracked up, seeing that. Hard to put your finger on, but so, so funny.

It was a very funny show, come to think of it, as well as a very loud one.

It will echo in our memory!


Laugh-In With Yo-Yo Ma


If Yo-Yo Ma ever gets sick of the cello, he can be a stand-up comic. He has the charm, the low-key delivery, the whole shtick.

At the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season-opening gala Wednesday night, Ma sauntered out on stage before his performance just radiating an egalitarian sense of fun.

"Has anybody seen a cello?" he cracked, gesturing toward the empty space next to the podium where he would shortly be performing. "This is so embarrassing," he added.

He then said his job was to speak for the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov, whose concerto he was going to be playing. To "channel" him, he joked.

"I don't look Argentinian," Ma said. "But I could be."

Exiting the stage, shortly to return, he paused to shake the hand of a nearby musician. 

Stopping to gladhand! We love this guy!

In Yo-Yo Ma's honor, every soloist this season should come out before the concert to do a little stand-up.

It should be a requirement!

Falls Casino Shows Artist in Her Underwear

Teacher, teacher, we declare, we see Diana Krall's underwear!

She should sue!

Someone apparently sneaked into her dressing room and snapped her in her, ahem, foundation garment. Either that or she had a little too much of that Frim Fram Sauce and walked out on stage mistakenly without her blouse, and a photographer took advantage.

Whatever, Niagara Fallsview Casino is using the picture to promote her concerts there in early October.



Pasta Party Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'


The 90th anniversary party at Chef's, pictured above in a photo by The News' Harry Scull, shows this town's greatness more eloquently than any art or architecture could ever do. 

First, the street is blocked off! A pasta party that needs to block off a downtown street demands respect right off the bat.

The faithful gather. Owner Lou Billittier tells The News: "We've got about a thousand people."

The cake is so big and so elaborate that it has to be protected by dry ice.

The lectern is an ice sculpture.

Fireworks are set off by hitting a "detonator."

AND ....

Continue reading "Pasta Party Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'" ยป

Buffalo Bills? Fiddle-dee-dee

OK, we are mixing our movies, so what. Jazz singer Mari McNeil shares this Facebook picture following the Bills' loss:


Kindred spirits chime in:

"I couldn't tell you five players on the Bills, but I could tell you ALL the Iron Chefs!"

"I was wondering how it would be the post play-by-plays of a concert. They are killing it! Go Buffalo Philharmonic! Way to go, string section!"

And our favorite (from a guy, too):

"I enjoy football Sundays because I can go grocery shopping and to the gym and know that both places will be empty."


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