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Strange Waterfront Bedfellows

2013-08-23 034

Flowers and barbed wire, an unbeatable combination!
We should get Guns 'N Roses to play here.

Air Force 1's Surprise Buffalo Destination



Our Facebook friend Dave snapped this picture of Air Force 1 heading into the Buffalo airport. It is pretty thrilling, you know?

Maybe not to Dave.

He wrote: "I bet they go for the Super Kiss at Delta Sonic."


Military Group Joins Battle To Save St. Ann's Church

A meeting tonight at 7 at St. Columba-Brigid Church to strategize on saving beautiful St. Ann's Church, which has been condemned by the Buffalo diocese, is shaping up to have a touch of military might.

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The Weird Food Eclipse

The Extreme Chicken Wing Hip-Hop Video was a sign. For one moment, one brief shining moment, Buffalo is the food capital of the world.

Our food is weirder and better than anybody's!

In today's Gusto, Food Critic Andrew Galarneau writes of a “seafood trio presented in dessert forms,” starting with octopus and squid ink “Oreos." And  foie gras doughnuts with Jamaican coffee crema dipping sauce. They are at Butterwood Sweet and Savory.

Meanwhile, let us wallow in the new foods that have debuted at this year's Erie County Fair. There is a Bacon Bomb. A Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Alligator and Shark Kabobs. Deep-Fried Gummy Bears. Shrimp Dogs. And our favorite, immortalized in a photo by our friend Ryan Lysarz ...

Pig Butt on a Stick!


Not Pork Butt, Pig Butt!

Alas, gather ye pig butts while ye may, because time is a-flying. The fair runs through Sunday, and at Butterwood, Andrew writes that the chef is soon to be simplifying many of the menu items. No more foie gras doughnuts, alas! None of these delicacies is here for long.

The moral of the story: Eat up.

For a few precious days, this is one great gourmet town.

The Man Who Really, Really Wants to be Family Court Judge

Crapsi... has to be Paul Crapsi, pictured at left, seen pressing the flesh at both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion, held two Sundays in a row at Martin Luther King Park.

Crapsi is a Democrat running for Erie County Family Court Judge. He made the rounds of big concert/picnic with his little daughter in tow, handing out flyers.

Two hot Sundays in a row, shaking hands as saxophones blared, yelling over the din of risque blues lyrics! ("Stoop down, mama, let your daddy see/You got somethin' down there, mama, somethin' that been worryin' me...")

This is the kind of dedication that transcends political boundaries.

If he gets on the ticket, he has earned our vote!

Hell And Damnation in Downtown Buffalo

Pinegrill 005


It has been a long time since Buzz heard a good old-fashioned street preacher. And a terrific one was holding forth just now on Main and Division streets downtown.

His voice blasted operatically down the block even though he had no megaphone. He had a good captive audience in the dozens of people waiting for buses.

The best thing is, he actually shouted "Repent!" as preachers are supposed to.

"Repent! Repent! Prepare for the King of Jerusalem!" he thundered.

"Hell is not some place where you shake hands with the devil and say, 'Hey, it's nice to meet you!' " he roared. "The worm dieth not! And the fire is never extinguished!"

At one point he declaimed: "You think I want to be here? I don't want to be here! I would rather be home playing my Xbox!"

Buzz apologizes that the picture is not more distinct but the preacher was shy and did not want to give his name. We asked him after he left off preaching. However he did tell say he was from the Seneca Babcock area. And we learned he comes from Charity Baptist Church in Black Rock.

Thank you, Charity Baptist, for letting us borrow this preacher for a day! And a most modest preacher at that.

"I didn't want to be here today," he reiterated to Buzz. "I would rather be home with my Xbox."

Cattlemen Invade Buffalo


 Last night the lounge of E.B. Green's in the Hyatt downtown was full of cattle marketers here for the AgMedia Summit, a convention that starts today. They talked shop as Jackie Jocko played.

You would not think of Buffalo as the typical grazing ground for such a summit, but we are! That was the impression we got from talking with conventioneer Kent "Jake" Jaecki. It was funny, Jake Jaecki and Jackie Jocko, both in the same room.

Jake said AgMedia searches out cities that are mid-sized big, as opposed to way big and too expensive. Last year they met in Albuquerqe, N.M. Other years they have met in Indianapolis, Ind., and Kansas City, Mo. Now there is a cattle town, Kansas City. But the grass is apparently just as green in Buffalo. AgMedia's summit here has the slogan, "Just Wing It."

The ranchers have been having a great time winging it so far, Jake said.

"Downtown is amazing," he drawled. "The difference in architetecture! It's so eclectic. We thought Buffalo was going to be more industrial and blue-collar. But it's way more friendly than other cities."

It sure looked as if he personally was having a great time!

We heard him tell Cindy the bartender: "Honey, you and Ah are going to become good friends this week."

Jake comes from Oklahoma City, hence our picture up above of Oklahoma cattle. (We lifted it from the Oklahoma Farm Report. Don't have a cow, man!) His friend Diane, who spent a lot of time on the piano bench with Jocko, comes from Texas. She was tall and good-looking as Texas women are, with tons of sparkling jewelry.

Jake said: "She's the only friend Ah have who's been to both mah marriages and all three of mah divorces."

Jocko said: "Do all your exes live in Texas?"

What nice people.

This is one convention that won't steer us wrong!

A Comic Looks At Terrorism


After meeting the dapper and charming comic Mark Saldana at E.B. Green's -- and where else to meet someone than while you are listening to Jackie Jocko? -- Buzz went on YouTube looking for glimpses of his art.

We love the clip up above! It appears it was filmed in Los Angeles. That is quite a talent we have in our midst here in Buffalo, lucky ducks that we are.

Today in Buzz we are gossiping about how Mark's brother -- his name is Eric, by the way -- is getting married, and Jocko is congratulating him in his unique way. 

Mark weighed in later on the situation.

"I will try my hardest not to go for the Arrested Development joke during any wedding toast I give where I would lean into the mic and say 'Her?' " he wrote on his Facebook page. He added: "Love you both!"

Graffiti Vandal Misses Big Chance


That graffiti vandal, pictured above, who was convicted of leaving that silly "BCUZ" tag all over town must have been breathing in too many paint fumes. Because, in today's interview with The News' Jane Kwiatkowski, he missed the chance of a lifetime.

Jane asked him why he had sprayed his tag all over town. He said something to the effect of he could not put his thoughts into words.

What in the world???

He should have shrugged sadly and said "B'cuz."

How could that not occur to him?

Better still he could have shrugged sadly and said: "B'cuz.... I was an idiot."

The world would have loved him if he had gone with that second option! But alas.

Never again will he be set up so perfectly.

That chance will not come again.

12 Things Neat About the Heat


1. If you yell at someone you have something to blame it on.

2. You can do that thing in the car where you open the windows and run the air conditioner. This is America!

3. Perfect excuse to check out the splash pad in Martin Luther King Park, pictured above, even if you are not a kid or do not have a kid with you.

4. Jogging is dangerous when it is this hot and it is much healthier to schlep slowly around the city of an evening, taking pictures of scenes that catch your fancy.


Card 001

5. Rare chance to do Bikram Hot Yoga outside.


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