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Disco DJ Makes Stealth Trip Back to Buffalo


Adding sparkle to this rainy Buffalo weekend is "Doctor" John Bisci, the DJ of the long-gone disco Club 747, immortalized in the above video. Bisci now lives and works in Las Vegas and he was in town on business. 

Doctor John is not to be confused with the bluesman Dr. John! Originally, Bisci told Buzz, he worried when he was told to take that name, because the New Orleans bluesman already had it.

Then he reasoned that the musician Dr. John's real name is Mac Rebennack. In any case, Dr. John from New Orleans has been gracious and has never protested.

Bisci had to take a nickname, he said, because all the deejays back then had nicknames. There was Charles "Captain Disco" Anzalone, Charlie "CC" Cimino and someone else he mentioned to us who went by General Mills, hahahaha!

We liked how Bisci, who is now pretty dapper (he's at right, under the banner, in this pic)...

2013-08-23 comet 017

... sees the humor in the situation.

He said: "The first night I announced I was Doctor John, I was laughing so hard."

Toronto Hip-Hop Artists Shoot Extreme Video in Anchor Bar


Remember Abdominal and the Obliques? Last fall, the Toronto hip-hoppers cooked up a tribute to the Buffalo chicken wing.

And now, they have released the music video! Complete with footage of the Anchor Bar. Warning! Danger! This is extreme, explicit food porn. It is enough to make Michelle Obama faint. 

One viewer on YouTube writes: "Hands down the most mouthwatering video I have ever seen."

Another is more direct. "I want wings ... NOW."


7 things spotted in Delaware Park


Amazing, no race this morning in Delaware Park. No walkathons. No yoga classes.

Just Saturday human behavior!

Among the things I saw:

-- The rugby girlfriends. These are the girls who have to go watch their boyfriends play rugby. They are not to be envied!

-- The massive obedient mastiff sitting close by his master watching the game.

-- The massive friendly bulldog straining at its leash.

-- The soccer moms happy to be wearing their fall clothes. I saw two of them walking in ponchos toward the field, radiating joy and satisfaction.

-- The little kids playing in the leaves, grabbing huge handfuls and throwing them at each other. An entertainment that goes back to ancient Norse cultures.

-- The people lined up seven deep for the coffee truck.

-- The corduroys, out for the first time this season.

OK, that was me. I was wearing the cords. First time for everything!

It all makes me think: Buffalonians, we are great about complaining about the shortness of our summers. But our summers are not all that short.

And face it, do you not love fall?

I mean, just a little bit?

Twilight of the magazine industry

Buzz was at Budwey's last night and we see this whole magazine devoted to Twilight.

Hilarious, you know? These people look like the Addams Family.

We joined the young woman behind the cash register in laughing at the magazine and marveling at the number of people she said bought it. Then we went on our merry way. And we forgot all about it.

Until today, when we learned about another magazine hitting the streets later this month.


Ha, ha! Sometimes we think we should read Mad more often.

Every once in a while, it comes through for you, you know?