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Awesome Dyngus Day Relic Finds Dramatic Resting Place

Surely there was no more enduring a sight in Monday's Dyngus Day Parade than the gentlemen of the Polish Cadets rolling their giant bottle of Sobieski Vodka. 

And lo, when Buzz was coming home from church today, we beheld that amazing bottle parked in front of the Polish Cadets, at the corner of Amherst and Grant streets. It gave us a thrill, the kind you would get if you were just going about your business and suddenly saw the Goodyear Blimp tethered in a parking lot.

Roll out the bottle! There it was! Up close!

Our exclusive photos:

2014-03-01 sobieski 003

2014-03-01 sobieski 018

2014-03-01 sobieski 002

Buffalo's Most Amazing Shopping Bag

Buzz joined the crowd at the Undy 5K this morning in Delaware Park, our sneakers squishing in the rain, and if there was one thing more amazing than the giant walk-in colon, it was this giant shopping bag they gave out, which we made sure to grab.

2014-03-01 undie 002

Yes, you read that correctly. It says: "Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test." 

We can't wait to take it to Wegmans!

Southern Cheerleading VIPs Freeze But Say 'Rah, Rah' To Buffalo


Deep South, meet Deep Freeze!

Last night at E.B. Green's in the Hyatt, Buzz met a lady and gentleman from Mississippi who are here to judge Cheersport, the giant cheerleading competition taking place Saturday at the Buffalo Convention Center.

They are Niel Parker and Cheryl Farris and while they are used to judging summery competitions like the one pictured above, now they are up here in the Arctic. They confessed that just the thought of flying to Buffalo had made them shiver.

"We were afraid our plane would land on ice," Cheryl said.

Niel added candidly: "We were hoping our flight would be canceled."

But they fell in love with Buffalo! "The people are so friendly," they said, and proceeded to list all the friends they had made, from the pilot of the plane up through the staffers at the Hyatt, whom they reeled off by name. They had tickets to "Wicked" tonight at Shea's.

Niel and Cheryl are encouraging Buffalonians to come out and watch the cheerleading competition. The Convention Center site says admission is $10 with kids under 10 admitted free. It sounds like quite a show. There are about a zillion cheerleaders from all over the state and beyond. And the judges say come late, because the competition gets more advanced as the day wears on.

Cheerleaders converging on the Convention Center, what fun.

Let's go, Buffalo!


Hamburger Could Claim Blizzard Award


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Our recent blizzard is not all that distant and so all the ballots are not in. Early results, though, reveal a strong contender for the winner in the keenly competitive category of Most Frivolous Violation of a Driving Ban.

It is a woman who, in a feat pictured above, drove through the teeth of the blizzard to go to the gym. Southtowns Fitness, we are talking about, so you know we are not making this up.

What's so special about that, you say. I went to the gym too in the blizzard, you say. However.

She drove to the gym TO TAN.

The gym happened to be open because the owner was there to see to a broken furnace, is what Buzz heard. Says our source: "He could not believe she showed up to go tanning. In a blizzard!"

Hey, that's Buffalo. That is what makes our town great.

You go, girl!


With the Buffalo Athletic Club Sale, History Takes a Hit

Postcard bac

As a Buffalo Athletic Club member, Buzz has a particular concern -- our only concern, actually -- regarding the club's sale to L.A. Fitness.

We are worried for the downtown location.

The BAC at 69 Delaware has an august history. Buzz's uncles have told us what it was like decades ago when it was an actual club. Gentlemen stored their clothes there and drank and dined -- and, yes, smoked -- in its dining rooms. Buffalo native Leonard Pennario, the internationally renowned concert pianist, used to ascend the club's marble steps when he was in town and go there. All kinds of important men did. It is one of the last surviving venerable Delaware Avenue clubs.

Even in recent years, the downtown Buffalo Athletic Club had a kind of exalted nature that lingered in spite of the crummy music and the cheap membership specials. You could walk on a treadmill and listen in as judges and lawyers discussed their cases. Buzz has rubbed elbows with all kinds of interesting and influential people including Judge Penny Wolfgang, Judge Curtin (he was in our Pilates class a few years ago), community activist Samuel Herbert and the artist and attorney LeRoi Johnson. 

There is also that beautiful pool, left over from more luxurious years.

This is the kind of brand that even bone-headed marketing has not been able to kill. It will be a shame to see this club lose its name and forfeit its history. It is a loss to the town.

Oh well. It seems something at the BAC has turned upside down.

The dumbbells are now in charge!


Medaille Race Cheerleaders Get Creative

The Medaille Reindeer Run in Delaware Park this morning drew a big crowd -- of runners, and of cheerleaders.

This was our favorite cheerleading squad. Love the opaque sign on the left, and then the sign in the middle with the picture of the Metro Bus.

2013-12-07 race 002

'Terribly Monday'

MondayBuzz has usually weighed in on the Buzz Blog long before now but the day got in the way.

It is Terribly Monday!

That phrase came from our Pilates teacher at the Buffalo Athletic Club. The class is only 45 minutes long but they pack a lot into it and today there was a lot of grunting and groaning, mostly on the part of the gentlemen. (Ladies tend to suffer in silence.)

The teacher described the day as terribly Monday! And later, when we were all lying on our mats like dead people, we were all quoting it to each other.

"It would make a great name for a band," one woman spoke up.

"I think so too," the teacher said.

Presenting ... Terribly Monday!

Luckily we hear it only once a week.

Rare Photo of DJ Reunion



Buzz's new friend "Doctor John" Bisci, voice of Club 747, passes along this picture of himself and his fellow disco DJs gathered for a charity reunion, the Hustle for a Cure Charity Event at First Niagara Center on Friday night.

Priceless! If this is not a clip-and-save picture Buzz does not know what is.

This explains Doctor John's stealth flight into Buffalo.

Thing like this do not happen by accident!

Disco DJ Makes Stealth Trip Back to Buffalo


Adding sparkle to this rainy Buffalo weekend is "Doctor" John Bisci, the DJ of the long-gone disco Club 747, immortalized in the above video. Bisci now lives and works in Las Vegas and he was in town on business. 

Doctor John is not to be confused with the bluesman Dr. John! Originally, Bisci told Buzz, he worried when he was told to take that name, because the New Orleans bluesman already had it.

Then he reasoned that the musician Dr. John's real name is Mac Rebennack. In any case, Dr. John from New Orleans has been gracious and has never protested.

Bisci had to take a nickname, he said, because all the deejays back then had nicknames. There was Charles "Captain Disco" Anzalone, Charlie "CC" Cimino and someone else he mentioned to us who went by General Mills, hahahaha!

We liked how Bisci, who is now pretty dapper (he's at right, under the banner, in this pic)...

2013-08-23 comet 017

... sees the humor in the situation.

He said: "The first night I announced I was Doctor John, I was laughing so hard."

City Hall's Scariest Public Servant

Because, unlike some of our public servants ... it tells the truth!

Scale 005

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