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Anchor Bar Beats NYC Restaurant in Radio Smackdown

In today's Buzz we learn of Geraldo Rivera winging it while in Buffalo in the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, the Anchor Bar has been soaring on eagle's wings as far as good publicity goes. Over the weekend Cigar Dave, the nationally syndicated radio guy originally from Buffalo, paid an on-air paean to the place.

He made the outrageous move, which Buzz loved, of stacking the Anchor Bar up against a chi-chi New York City three Michelin-star restaurant at the Time Warner Center, Per Se.

"Per So-So," he called it.

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Diary of a Doughnut Judge


Buzz judged Paczki today at the Broadway Market. Above is a picture of us, second from the left, looking judgmental (as the friend said who snapped the picture). 

We sat in supreme judgment! And visible to the left of us is our friend and colleague Samantha Maziarz Christmann, the Discount Diva.

We tasted and discussed and tasted and discussed and tasted some more and wished there were more. The texture of these doughnuts were unbelievable. Coated with sugar, they oozed deep, thick jam. It got to the point where all you could think about was having more.

And our friends are all on board!

2014-03-01 broadway 006

Many more of them live next door.

2014-03-01 broadway 028

And the band begins to play.

2014-03-01 broadway 017

(They are the magnificent Bison City Stompers, jamming as we ate jam.)

And the Pączki winners were ...

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Polish People Doing Doughnuts


It happens Saturday at noon at the Broadway Market ... Paczki Day!

You know you are a Buffalonian when you can spell Paczki correctly, even when you are not Polish, and even when you are not sure what Paczki is, or rather, are. They are doughnuts! Buzz has been invited to be a judge on Saturday at the Broadway Market. We cannot wait.

Meanwhile we read on Facebook of a site that tells you how to get that little thingie under the "a" to make it authentically Polish. Let us try it and see if it works.... Here goes.


It worked! But the technology still has room for improvement.

As one Polish gentleman writes: 

"Which shortcut key do I used to have a Pączki come out of the disc drive door?"

Supermarket Has Gridlock

History 122

 Gridlock in the checkout line at Aldi.

Buzz is a big fan of Aldi brand names -- Millville oats, Happy Farms cheese, and Goldhen eggs. This one ranks with the best. 

Surely it is the greatest name ever for an energy drink.

It is as if it were designed to make your adrenaline rise!

Wegmans Posts World's Most Difficult Job Opening


Wegmans has posted this job opening for a Sous Chef. No matter what your job is now taking this job would be like going out of the frying pan and into the fire, is all we can think.

Under "I Will Add Value By..." (a quaint way of putting it)... there are 11 different requirements, including but not limited to:

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Ghost of Grover Cleveland Appears on Transit Road


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz had fun putting together the story in today's paper about the former stomping grounds of Buffalo's illustrious presidents, Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland.

But it could be that we omitted something! We hear that Grover Cleveland's hunting lodge is right there on Transit Road. At 9160 Transit Road to be exact.

It is called Grover's. The News praised it in Cheap Eats a year ago. Buzz has been there! We have even partaken of the Groverburger, a patty that would do the president proud. And yet when we were on deadline the memory somehow escaped us.

We called Grover's and spoke with the owner, Georgina Hartman, and she said yes, the building was the actual building that was Cleveland's hunting lodge. "People had it as a gin mill for years and years," Georgina told us. The booming business on Transit Road helped keep the place from being torn down, she said. "Location, location."

Buzz, thinking of how Cleveland loved hunting and fishing, had to ask: Did she ever sense Cleveland's spirit around the place?

"I've had some odd incidents here, over 24 years," Georgina laughed.

Above is a photo from a year ago, taken by The News, of patrons soaking up the spirit of Grover Cleveland at his old hunting lodge. 

And here is a patron enjoying the Groverburger.


True Valentine's Day Love ... In the Checkout Line

AldiadBy Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz loves today's My View story about the gentleman who went to India on the fellowship, only to discover his true love was waiting back home.

It made us want to tell a story of our own that was also sweet.

The scene: Aldi, yesterday, in North Buffalo. Buzz was in the checkout line. We were scrambling to bag our stuff and heard the customer behind us talking to the cashier.

The customer was a guy wearing frayed jeans. He looked like a construction worker. He was buying a little stuffed bear and some of those yummy German chocolates you can get at Aldi on the cheap.

"We're dead broke," we heard him say. "But my wife was in here the other day and she loved this bear." He was beaming as he showed it off.

Then he held forth to an appreciative audience, Buzz included, about how beautiful Valentine's Day cards are to be had at Dollar Tree, and about the card he had scored there for his wife, for a buck.

This guy kept glowing as he talked about how his wife would love the card and the bear. And Buzz thought: What love!

His wife is a lucky gal!

It really is the thought that counts.

Lexington Co-op Shopper Gets Really Picky

Greatarrow 128

Buzz loves the suggestions posted at the Lexington Food Co-op. There was the one pictured above (click to blow up) about why were all the eggs in Styrofoam cartons.

The answer: "There was a major fire at a packaging plant in the South, so many producers had to go to Styrofoam until they could get the paper cartons again."

A likely story, Buzz thought. But lo! It is true. Luckily no one got hurt. But here it is eight months later and still there are no paper cartons. You have to figure there are people with egg on their faces. 

This complaint was even better:

Greatarrow 126

Tea tree toothpicks are by the register! We love the big, panicked writing of the tooth picker in need. And the small, tense writing of the reply.

Picky, picky, picky!


A Dash to Dashwey's

Classic Buffalo look, as described in today's Buzz. Get a good look because in the spring, we hear, the sign is going to be completely overhauled as part of of a $2,500,000 remodel. 

2013-12-31 dash 001

And an exclusive photo of the parking lot of a weekend afternoon.

2013-12-31 dash 002

It is definitely a funny sight to savor as we move through the great supermarket we call Buffalo history. Bargain Budwey's and upscale Dash's, coinciding for this moment in time.

Enjoy it while you can!



As Snowstorm Peaks, the Beer Poet Speaks


Allow us to introduce Gene McCarthy's Tavern, postponing tonight's meeting of the Better Beverage Society because of the iffy weather.


The weather outside is frightful, even if beer makes us delightful!
But since it's so hard to go, we've postponed cuz of the snow, cuz of the snow!
Better Beverage with Hamburg will happen, on Wed, Feb 19 we'll be rappin!
So please stay home tonight, and drink some craft beer by fire light!

Any person who needs a refund, simply call us and we'll give you one!
Cuz there's always someone else waitin', tho' we'd all love you to make it!
By the time of our next Better Beverage, we may even have our own beer as leverage!And now it's time for me to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
It was signed "The Beer Poet." 
Beer Poet, you are mighty fine.
Now pass, us, please, that frosty stein!
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