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The Big Macaroni and Cheese Truck Question


Buzz loves living in Buffalo where it is front page news that there is a macaroni and cheese food truck in town. Seeing that headline over the words "The Buffalo News" in this morning's paper made our day!

That is it pictured above. It is called Fally Mac. Which begs the question:

How could proprietor have resisted calling her business ...


The Mac Truck?

As in, "Man, my diet was going great, and then I got hit by this Mac Truck."

These folks shouldn't worry about being cheesy!


New Jersey Dog Displays Buffalo Behavior

Buzz's sister Margie, who lives in New Jersey, came downstairs and found the family dog running around like this:


Margie wrote: "I came downstairs and she was running around the house with the box in her mouth!" She added: "I guess it would've been funnier if it were full."

Bet the dog wishes that too.

She is taking Mayor Griffin's advice about staying home with a six pack!

Tea-d Off Buffalonian Gets Outpouring Of Sympathy


A friend got angry at the Republic of Tea when she bought a Hibiscus Coconut blend, took it home, tried it, disliked it and found it contained Stevia.

Stevia is a sweetener she did not want and she had not noticed it because it was in the fine print. And so after pawning the tea off on Buzz, who will drink anything, she emailed the Republic of Tea to complain.

She got an email back addressed to "Citizen" and her last name.

The Republic of Tea was recognizing her as a citizen!

The Republic offered her a replacement tea for the one that she bought and deplored. This is what is known as Tea and Sympathy.

With a twist! The message was signed:

Best Sip by Sip Regards,

The Minister of Information.


Lidia Bastianich, Opera Woman


In conversation with The Buffalo News, super-chef Lidia Bastianich mentioned she liked classical music.

What classical music? Buzz, nerd that we are, had to ask.

Lidia had answers! 

“I go regularly to the Met," she told Buzz. “My favorite conductor is Valery Gergiev. I met him. We’re somewhat friends now. I followed him to the White Nights festival in St. Petersburg. They have a festival of classical music. It’s magnificent. That got me into the Russian music. ‘War and Peace.' ‘Prince Igor.' "

Those are some impressive Russian operas! "War and Peace" is by Serge Prokofiev. "Prince Igor" is by Alexander Borodin. 

In this gorgeous video you may watch Lidia's friend Maestro Gergiev in action.


Wow. Sort of makes you hungry, doesn't it? We can see where Lidia gets her inspiration.

If music be the food of love, cook on!

Beggars' Night Rages in Kaisertown


A friend in Kaisertown sends out an SOS:

"OMG! Out of candy! And they show no sign of stopping!"

That was a little while ago. We presume they have stopped by now. Although you never know!

Meanwhile we notice Buffalo is given special credit in the Wikipedia entry on Beggars' Night. Here we were looking it up wondering if it was some ancient medieval tradition and no, it is indigenous to Ohio and Iowa and, you guessed it, Western New York.

There is a Facebook page for Beggars' Night in Kaisertown

Whether 'tis for Beggars' Night or Hallowe'en, Buzz wonders if anyone in Kaisertown dresses up as the Kaiser.


How could you resist?

The Ghost Who Had To Go


Perhaps it is only natural that the restless dead seek out restrooms. That is all we can think thanks to Buffalo ghost raconteur Mason Winfield's haunted history pub crawls in the Allentown district, which we were delighted to recount in Gusto.

When Mason visits Fat Bob's he tells of a ghost in the Fat Bob's men's room.

And we keep thinking about that ghost in the billowy red dress who is seen going into the men's room at Founding Fathers.

Hey, a ghost's gotta go like anyone else, right? No, Winfield says. He says that because the building is so old, the men's room used to be something else, or maybe she is even going into a long-gone door in a long-gone building that used to stand on this site.

Hold it right there, we say, no pun intended.

We think that the ghost is the manifestation of the resentful energies of women who, packed into Founding Fathers during the Allentown Art Festival or the St. Patrick's Day Parade, were forced to use the men's room because the ladies' room was too crowded.

Could that be the case?

Mason laughed.

"I might use that," he said.

Washington Descendant Appears on Allentown Ghost Walk


Halloween is off to an early good start with the appearance, on one of Mason Winfield's Haunted History Pub Crawls, of a descendant of Augustine Washington, George Washington's brother.

It is Anne Apfel of Amherst! She came forward with the truth about her ancestry -- where else? -- in Founding Fathers Pub, where the tour was convening.

If you are descended from somebody from one of our country's first families, Founding Fathers is certainly the place to declare it! With George Washington looking down approvingly from the door of the men's room. Coincidentally, Winfield spoke of the ghost of a woman in a billowy red dress sometimes seen emerging from that same men's room. Maybe that has something to do with Anne's revelation, who knows? Here we have a woman emerging from the house of Washington. 

Buzz had the honor of exploring the smorgasbord of Western New York ghost walks and pub crawls in a story running in tomorrow's Gusto. It confronts not only Founding Fathers but other taverns such as Williamsville's Eagle House, pictured above.

Buffalo is awash in spirits.

In more ways than one!

Strange Creatures at Your Local Market

This is so Halloween creepy-crawly! Snapped at the Clinton-Bailey Market:

Sunset 015

And more mutant squash:

Sunset 025

Got to love this time of the year!

If Dash's Bought Budwey's ...


It has been 24 hours now and the calamitous news of the sale of Budwey's is still sinking in. Just now we were staring at the picture of Frank Budwey, disbelieving.

We never even knew what Frank Budwey looked like. He looks younger than we would have expected. And it is no accident he was photographed by the meat counter. Budwey's is famous for their meat. The packages can be messy! But there are great bargains.

What if the Kenmore Avenue Budwey's is bought by Dash? That is the rumor flying around. It is great how: "Joseph Dash, owner of Dash's Markets, could not be reached for comment."

Should that happen, here is an idea for the old Dash's Market on Hertel, which would then be vacant.

How about it become a food co-op? Not the Lexington Food Co-op, which has become too upscale and expensive for our tastes. But a food co-op like the old place that the Lexington Food Co-op used to be?

Cheap beans, pastas, cheese, produce, grains, coffee beans, tofu, herb teas, etc., piled in bins and tubs and baskets, with a hippie sitting there at the checkout, people hanging around, and a boom box playing Old and In the Way?

Now that's what we would call a super market!

Ode To Trader Joe's

Though others flock to Trader Joe's,

With Buzz they're out of luck!

We'll stay away, until the day

They carry ...


Two-Buck Chuck!

(May be sung pompously to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne.")


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