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Diary of a Doughnut Judge


Buzz judged Paczki today at the Broadway Market. Above is a picture of us, second from the left, looking judgmental (as the friend said who snapped the picture). 

We sat in supreme judgment! And visible to the left of us is our friend and colleague Samantha Maziarz Christmann, the Discount Diva.

We tasted and discussed and tasted and discussed and tasted some more and wished there were more. The texture of these doughnuts were unbelievable. Coated with sugar, they oozed deep, thick jam. It got to the point where all you could think about was having more.

And our friends are all on board!

2014-03-01 broadway 006

Many more of them live next door.

2014-03-01 broadway 028

And the band begins to play.

2014-03-01 broadway 017

(They are the magnificent Bison City Stompers, jamming as we ate jam.)

And the Pączki winners were ...

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Beggars' Night Rages in Kaisertown


A friend in Kaisertown sends out an SOS:

"OMG! Out of candy! And they show no sign of stopping!"

That was a little while ago. We presume they have stopped by now. Although you never know!

Meanwhile we notice Buffalo is given special credit in the Wikipedia entry on Beggars' Night. Here we were looking it up wondering if it was some ancient medieval tradition and no, it is indigenous to Ohio and Iowa and, you guessed it, Western New York.

There is a Facebook page for Beggars' Night in Kaisertown

Whether 'tis for Beggars' Night or Hallowe'en, Buzz wonders if anyone in Kaisertown dresses up as the Kaiser.


How could you resist?

Ode To Trader Joe's

Though others flock to Trader Joe's,

With Buzz they're out of luck!

We'll stay away, until the day

They carry ...


Two-Buck Chuck!

(May be sung pompously to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne.")


Burma Invades Italy

BocceBallsIt had to happen: Multiculturalism has come to the Italian Festival.

Buzz's colleague Emeri Krawczyk points out that sponsoring the Bocce Tournament is ... brace yourself ... Sun Burmese & Thai Cuisine.

The Bocce Tournament, of all tournaments! Where are the Italian restaurants?

Not that Buzz has anything against Thai or Burmese cuisine. Au contraire. Cheers to Sun Burmese & Thai for stepping up to the plate. Our plate, to be specific. Also we thank them for giving us another story about someone invading something. We already had Cattlemen Invade Buffalo. 

One more invasion, and this is a trend!

Amusement Park Car Jumps the Tracks

St. anthony 069

We can't forget our trip to Fantasy Island! In the Buzz column today we describe the unforgettable Toilet Bowl.

And then there was the surprise sight of a Model T mysteriously off the antique car tracks and offroading.

As one Season Pass holder said: "That's not something you see every day."

We caught up with the car -- this isn't "The Fast and the Furious 6" -- and took a picture of the driver.

St. anthony 229

Bye bye, Model T!


St. anthony 215


Woman Fights For the Pieces Of a Dream

Tops Monopoly

The tense looks on everyone's face ... the excitement in the air ... the feeling of suspense as you head out the door in the morning ... it all can mean only one thing:

Tops is running its Monopoly game!

You can tell the stakes are high by how the clerks at Tops take a marker and mark your receipt when they hand you your paper game pieces. They are afraid that you will try to show your receipt again and get a second roll of the dice. No such luck. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200!

Buzz finds the scene at the Grant Street Tops to be especially electric. On a recent trip there, the woman in front of us in line began to argue when she received her Monopoly game ticket.

"How come I got only one?" she demanded. "She got two." She pointed to the previous customer.

The clerk held his ground. "I'm sorry. We can only give you one --"

"But she got two."

And so it went, back and forth. Go directly to Jail! Finally Buzz, finishing flipping through a tawdry tabloid, could take it no longer.

"For heaven's sake!" we burst out to the clerk. "Just give her our ticket."

The clerk accepted this solution and the woman did too, smiling gratefully at Buzz. "Good luck with that," we told her.

And then ... and then ...

We got a ticket too!

Good feelings all around. And -- please, O gods of Monopoly -- riches for us.

Advance to Boardwalk!

Coupon user on the verge of a nervous breakdown


Yikes, that big fat Entertainment Book expires on Nov. 1!

The pressure. The pressure!!

Here are 10 Entertainment coupons Buzz does not want to waste.

1.) Scarlet, the cozy little place on Virginia Street, with coupon good for up to $15. Buzz loves Virginia Place. It looks like New Orleans.

2.) Pietro's Ristorante, on Transit in East Amherst. "A Culinary phenomenon since it's inception in 2001," writes the Entertainment Book, blissfully oblivious to the correct use of apostrophes.

3.) The Wehrle Family Restaurant in Snyder, offering a buy one, get one on gyros and souvlaki. Buzz goes to the Wehrle with our mom. It is a Mom kind of place!

4.) Caputi's Sheridan Pub. The coupon is just for $5, but come on, the place is legend.

5.) Chow Chocolat. Buy one bonbon, get one free. Buzz has neglected this coupon so far only because we went into Chow Chocolat once and we saw a huge vat of chocolate and our heart started racing and we almost passed out.

6.) The Botanical Gardens. Once we went in there and actually got lost. We were standing there in Begonia House No. 2 wondering which way was north. Why travel when you've got this?

7.) Rainbow Roller Rink, in North Tonawanda. Ever since Cory Wells of Three Dog Night told us about roller skating at the old rink at St. Ann's Church, we have had this yen.

8.) The King and I. Thai places are great because we do not make that stuff at home.

9.) Samurai Japanese Cuisine, in East Amherst. Looking hungrily at the menu we see they have something called the Crazy Love Roll.

10.) The whole rest of the book!

Oh, dear. Oh, dear!