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Disco DJ Makes Stealth Trip Back to Buffalo


Adding sparkle to this rainy Buffalo weekend is "Doctor" John Bisci, the DJ of the long-gone disco Club 747, immortalized in the above video. Bisci now lives and works in Las Vegas and he was in town on business. 

Doctor John is not to be confused with the bluesman Dr. John! Originally, Bisci told Buzz, he worried when he was told to take that name, because the New Orleans bluesman already had it.

Then he reasoned that the musician Dr. John's real name is Mac Rebennack. In any case, Dr. John from New Orleans has been gracious and has never protested.

Bisci had to take a nickname, he said, because all the deejays back then had nicknames. There was Charles "Captain Disco" Anzalone, Charlie "CC" Cimino and someone else he mentioned to us who went by General Mills, hahahaha!

We liked how Bisci, who is now pretty dapper (he's at right, under the banner, in this pic)...

2013-08-23 comet 017

... sees the humor in the situation.

He said: "The first night I announced I was Doctor John, I was laughing so hard."

Military Group Joins Battle To Save St. Ann's Church

A meeting tonight at 7 at St. Columba-Brigid Church to strategize on saving beautiful St. Ann's Church, which has been condemned by the Buffalo diocese, is shaping up to have a touch of military might.

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You, Too Can Ride the Crystal Beach Cyclone


The story about the Fantasy Island Silver Comet and the old Crystal Beach Comet brings back memories of stories we have heard about the old Cyclone at Crystal Beach. The Cyclone's steel was recycled into the Comet.

Buzz used to hear from our dad how wild the Cyclone was. It took us till now really to understand what he meant. Because there is a video on YouTube that lets you ride it, virtually.

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On the Waterfront, Strings ... and More Strings

Ruins 011

 There is nothing like hanging out at the Ruins of a summer evening, enjoying a glass of box Lake Niagara wine and the impressively synchronized singing of the Canal Street String Band.

"About 150 years ago, Canal Street was like Chippewa Street," guitarist Dave Ruch told the crowd. Hahahaa... that is putting it kindly!

The band was smoking, as they say, which turned the Ruins into the Smoking Ruins.

It started out small with Ruch joined by Jim Whitford and City Fiddle Phil.

Then Mark Panfil came up with his harp.

Then Doug Yeomans came up with his guitar.

Then Cathy Carfagna came up with her accordion.

Then Gretchen Banaszak, City Fiddle Phil's wife, came up with her fiddle.

All these people kept joining the band! And nobody ever left!

Buzz's brother George, who was there with us, said: "Eventually we'll be sitting here by ourselves, looking at this enormous band."

Could happen! 

Whoever is up on stage, though, the musicians stay true to their mission.

"This material will be a little modern for this band," Ruch apologized, introducing one number. "It was written in the 1920s."


Italian Festival Boasts New Big Cheese



It is an unexpected slice of life that the Italian Heritage Festival has a new big cheese behind it. It is Galbani Cheese!

(Helpfully and most Buffalonially, that link takes you directly to the page of the site where you can get a coupon.)

The Italian Heritage Festival has been sponsored for Sorrento Cheese for so long that it will be hard not to say "Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival." When people say, "Galbani Cheese Italian Heritage Festival" you are going to want to respond: "No whey!"

Oh, well, hard cheese.

It's all good!

The Magic Buffalo News Time Machine

This gives you a lot of glimpses as Buffalo as it used to be. It is perfect entertainment for a rainy Saturday. Pour another cup of coffee and settle in.

Buzz found it on Facebook posted by former WBEN newsman Steve Cichon. It was brought to our attention by Chilly Billy, the ice cream man. (Once more, with feeling: Is this a great town or what?)

We bet we still have those same trucks!

Century-Old Headline Screams: 'That Is So Buffalo!'

 As the Magic 8 Ball would put it: "It is decidedly so."


Buffalo History, Abridged

A friend got this greeting card in the mail and Buzz is fascinated by it.

Click on it to blow it up and pore over it. Some of the things we have never heard of! Like Monroe Ginger Ale. All of a sudden we want some.

In a nutshell:

Card 002

Have You Seen the Bieber?


Those "Leave it to Beaver" puns -- it turns out they are most appropriate!

The headline on The News' picture page today, in the print edition, is "Leave it to Bieber."

Someone has to point this out: "Bieber" is a variation of "Biber" ...

... as in the wonderful German composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber ...


... and Biber is, yes, German for "beaver."

See, now if you run into Justin Bieber in person, you will have things to talk to him about.

Be an informed Belieber!

That's a Lot of Water Under the Peace Bridge

Front page of The Buffalo Evening News from 100 years ago:

2013-6-26 bidwell 031

Got to envy those Buffalonians in 1913.

They got the bridge.

We've got the troubled waters!

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