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Priceless Experience at the Broadway Market

 The pleasures of stopping by the Broadway Market of a winter morning:

Bargain baked goods at Chrusciki's: $1.

Broadway 004

Horseradish from Wanda Skup: $2.99 to, oh, $6.99, we forget.


Vintage Christmas ornaments at Theresa's Treasures, $3.

Broadway 019

AND ...

Hanging out at Lewandowski Produce griping about the government with people you don't know, including one with a rare, vintage authentic Polish East Side accent: 



Thanks To Lancaster, We Revisit the Griswolds

The situation in Lancaster made it irresistible to look up the scene in "Christmas Vacation" that made the name Griswold synonymous with anyone who overdoes the Christmas lights.

It is still pretty funny.

Amherst House Can Talk

Jon Rosen, the Snyder gentleman who owns Jon Rosen Systems, went over to a neighbor's house to help them get ready for a move. In a crawl space in the basement they found this written on the wall:


This being the Internet age, the story does not end there. Jon put the picture up on Facebook. And the house's former owner, now living in Texas, immediately got in touch!

"I can't believe you found my note!!!" Holly Kirkpatrick Whiting wrote from Dallas. "I wrote it when we moved my mother to Asbury Pointe around seven years ago. I couldn't bear to walk out and not leave some note about who had built the house. Thanks so much for sharing!"

It turns out that her sister was Facebook friends with Jon's sister.

The house's adventures continue. Buzz hears that it has just been sold to Liesl Folks, the new dean of the UB School of Engineering.

Engineers have an eye for interesting buildings!

Weird Garage Sale This Weekend


 On Page B9 of today's print edition of The Buffalo News, under "Garage Sales":

TONAWANDA TWP., 164 Kenview, across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Fri.-Sat., Sept. 27-28, 10-6.

Cereal, dog & cat treats, mouthwash, Efferdent, toothbrushes, coffee, tea, Kool-Aid, peanut butter, mustard, A-1, Worcestershire, barbecue & hot sauces, Bayer Extra Strength & low dosage, men's and women's shavers & body wash, laundry, bar & dish soap, crackers, candy, gum, soup + regular garage sale treasures.

Love that bit at the end, "+ regular garage sale treasures."

Hmmmm. Either ...

A.) someone is into Extreme Couponing, or ...

B.) someone is filching things across the street from behind the scenes at Kenmore Mercy, or ...

C.) 164 Kenview is a Rite-Aid.

Buzz might just have to go over there, just to find out.

West Side Warning: Put Down That Flower, Punk

Petal to the metal!

2013-5-24 flower 007

The sign is protecting a window box on Connecticut Street.

Hands off those marigolds!

2013-5-24 flower 066

Before You're Taken To The Cleaners...

... Go there yourself!

Construction 023

Wesselmann's strikes again!

Nap time at the Home Show

Buzz would have seen more of the Home Show except we made the mistake of walking into the Hybrid-Nation high-tech bed exhibit.

There was New Age music playing the lights were low.

End result, as we say here in Buffalo...

2013-2-15 012

A few friends joined us on the bed and we let the salesman talk ... and talk ... 

2013-2-25 002

He was from Outer Mongolia. We absorbed that much before dropping off.

Wonderful event, the Home Show.

We left feeling really well-rested!


Old Spice, meet Old Cleanser

You know how a while ago News Food Editor Andrew Galarneau wrote that classic story about old spices? (In vain did Buzz plead with the editors to headline the story "Old Spice.")

How about a story on old cleansers?

Found in Buzz's mom's cabinet, and immediately pressed into service on the stove ...

2012-12-10 002

It worked so well that Buzz's sister said that no way can this stuff still be legal.

We will treasure it!