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BBC Filmmakers In Buffalo, On the Trail Of Bashar Issa

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Two journalists working for the BBC were at the Statler last night, seeking information about Bashar Issa, who memorably owned the Statler for a spell a few years ago.

Buzz happened upon the journalists interviewing Howard, the guy we married. Howard was also involved in the Statler saga. Buzz made the case that maybe the filmmakers should interview us on the grounds that we somehow inherited Bashar Issa's jacket, which he left behind at the Statler, and now we wear it to the gym. The journalists laughed politely but declined to film us.

The filmmakers, Ben Lewis and Sarah Robinson, will be in Buffalo for the next few days as they look into Issa's couple of years here. Issa's adventures continued after he left. We liked this colorful rundown of them in the British paper the Guardian.

Makes us think, in a way Issa did wind up being good for Buffalo. It appears he is good for our tourism.

How about a Bashar Issa Museum?

The Most Unlikely Buffalo Business To Join Facebook ...


... (well, aside from Wiechec's, that is) ... pretty much has to be the 24-Hour Store at the corner of Elmwood and Bird. Buzz loved its marquee this morning. It read: "FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK DJARUM CLOVES ..."

We did not catch the price on the clove cigarettes which, may we say, are a very 24-Hour Store thing to sell. 

The 24-Hour Store, on Facebook? How would you even find it? Who knows its real name? A roommate of ours used to call it the Two Four Store. Other people call it "We Never Close" because it has a huge sign that flashes that at passers-by.

Goofing around, Buzz figured it out. The store is Cameron's 24-Hour Store, We Never Close. It posted as its profile pic the gray, snowy, frankly Buffalonian picture at the top of this post.

The store had not posted since Christmas Day, when it posted Merry Christmas and "Today, spend $15 and get an additional $5 in merchandise FREE! Excluding lottery and newspapers."

One day in November it wrote: "Tough Bills game today. All beer 18 packs, $10.99."

Long story short, Buzz hit "Like."

How could you not?

Buffalo Photographer Shoots to National Fame

The cover story of Shutterbug magazine's February issue explores the artistry of Phil Pantano, Buffalo photographer.

Here is a portrait of the magazine, along with talented author Jim Corbran.


Buzz was, of course, on top of all this with our recognition last summer of Pantano's genius as manifested in his exhibit "The American Worker." He was able to capture deejay Anita West in a rare moment when she is not saying "Cheese!" How was Pantano able to do that? We are still wondering.

A party next Friday will celebrate Phil's achievements. There will be free snacks -- did we hear the words free snacks? -- and the Roaming Buffalo Food Truck will be on hand.

A toast to Phil Pantano, Shutterbug cover boy!

Guerrilla Warfare in Downtown Buffalo


You know those guerrilla signs you see taped to telephone poles? They are a way of life in Buffalo. Anyway, we have seen a classic, posted on the corner of Washington and Exchange streets. It says:


And there is a picture of a bat, sort of like the Batman logo pictured above, followed by phone numbers and stuff.

Alas, it was too cold, and Buzz was too bundled up, to take a picture. If you do not believe us you will have to go and see for yourself. These signs are never taken down. So don't worry, by the time you get around to it, it will still be there.

Same Bat time.

Same Bat telephone pole!


When the Bills Hit Home Too Hard

Hey, sure we missed the playoffs, but it's only a game!


This story comes from The Buffalo Evening News 100 years ago this week. Happily, the situation seems to have worked itself out OK. So we can forgive ourself for comically misunderstanding the headline.

Who could help it?


Thanks To Lancaster, We Revisit the Griswolds

The situation in Lancaster made it irresistible to look up the scene in "Christmas Vacation" that made the name Griswold synonymous with anyone who overdoes the Christmas lights.

It is still pretty funny.

Three Little Words, Buffalo Style

Had to pass this along, just had to. It was posted on Facebook by Kiss 98.5 but came to our attention because -- and we love this -- it was "shared" by Les Trent.


Les Trent, of Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame fame, works for CBS's "Inside Edition" and lives and works now in the New York City area but we get the idea he will always be a Buffalonian at heart.

His comment on the picture was: "OMG ... I just teared up a little bit!"


Rare Photo of DJ Reunion



Buzz's new friend "Doctor John" Bisci, voice of Club 747, passes along this picture of himself and his fellow disco DJs gathered for a charity reunion, the Hustle for a Cure Charity Event at First Niagara Center on Friday night.

Priceless! If this is not a clip-and-save picture Buzz does not know what is.

This explains Doctor John's stealth flight into Buffalo.

Thing like this do not happen by accident!

Toronto Hip-Hop Artists Shoot Extreme Video in Anchor Bar


Remember Abdominal and the Obliques? Last fall, the Toronto hip-hoppers cooked up a tribute to the Buffalo chicken wing.

And now, they have released the music video! Complete with footage of the Anchor Bar. Warning! Danger! This is extreme, explicit food porn. It is enough to make Michelle Obama faint. 

One viewer on YouTube writes: "Hands down the most mouthwatering video I have ever seen."

Another is more direct. "I want wings ... NOW."


The Magic Buffalo News Time Machine

This gives you a lot of glimpses as Buffalo as it used to be. It is perfect entertainment for a rainy Saturday. Pour another cup of coffee and settle in.

Buzz found it on Facebook posted by former WBEN newsman Steve Cichon. It was brought to our attention by Chilly Billy, the ice cream man. (Once more, with feeling: Is this a great town or what?)

We bet we still have those same trucks!

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