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Buzz Breaks In the North Park Theatre


Buzz went to the North Park Theatre last night and saw "The Jewish Cardinal." It is based on the true story of the great Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, who died in 2007.

St. Pope John Paul II is in the movie big time and a good actor plays him. It is cute how JP II wears white sneakers. But our favorite character is this priest who is this go-fer for Lustiger who as a cardinal was kind of a rock star for the Catholic Church. This guy is always parked outside the door, going through papers, making travel arrangements,following Lustiger everywhere, bearing the brunt of the cardinal's temper and kind of admonishing him, too, when the situation demands it. Anyway, we all could use someone like that.

"Lulu, you need a break," this go-fer tells the workaholic Lustinger. Lulu was one of His Eminence's nicknames, along with "The Bulldozer." There is something to be said for someone who is nicknamed, simultaneously, "Lulu" and "The Bulldozer." Clearly you are doing something right!

The same could not be said of Buzz who spilled our $7 tub of popcorn.

This beautiful, newly refurbished, spanking, gleaming North Park! And here we go besmirching it. (Howard, the guy we married, took the disaster photo up above.) We wonder if we were the first major popcorn spill. All over the beautiful carpet! See, if we had a go-fer the way Cardinal Lustiger did, he or she could have cleaned it up, but alas.

Today is the last day to catch "The Jewish Cardinal." It screens at 7 and 9:30 p.m.

Hold onto your popcorn!

Jawing With an Extra From 'Alligator Apocalypse'

In Buffalo, the competition in the department of Strange Things You Get Paid To Do is always keen, but actor Dave Lundy surely scores high in this category. He spent five hours on Sunday, starting at 7:30 a.m., running around with a shovel, fighting imaginary alligators.

He was a paid extra in "Alligator Apocalypse," being shot Sunday next to the Hotel @ the Lafayette. (A corner of the hotel is apparently standing in for the Empire State Building. Buffalo plays New York.) Another alligator fighter was the stellar jazz pianist Kevin Doyle. We have Kevin Doyle to thank for this action-packed shot, which we snatched from the jaws of his Facebook page. 


Lundy has appeared in some arresting dramatic productions. And Buzz, who has admired him on stage at Shakespeare in the Park, had to ask: In "Alligator Apocalypse," when he was in the teeth of battle, where did he get his motivation, so he could look believable fighting imaginary beasts? Did he brandish his shovel westward and imagine directing his wrath against various government officials?

Lundy said no.

"They told us to look serious and not smile," he said.

Now that had to be tough. You have to admire actors. They are not like the rest of us.

We bet when he said goodbye to the filmmakers he did not even say "See you later, alligator."

Buzz, being a mere mortal, would not have been able to resist!

Guerrilla Warfare in Downtown Buffalo


You know those guerrilla signs you see taped to telephone poles? They are a way of life in Buffalo. Anyway, we have seen a classic, posted on the corner of Washington and Exchange streets. It says:


And there is a picture of a bat, sort of like the Batman logo pictured above, followed by phone numbers and stuff.

Alas, it was too cold, and Buzz was too bundled up, to take a picture. If you do not believe us you will have to go and see for yourself. These signs are never taken down. So don't worry, by the time you get around to it, it will still be there.

Same Bat time.

Same Bat telephone pole!


Thanks To Lancaster, We Revisit the Griswolds

The situation in Lancaster made it irresistible to look up the scene in "Christmas Vacation" that made the name Griswold synonymous with anyone who overdoes the Christmas lights.

It is still pretty funny.

Buffalo Radio Legend Mistaken For British Knight

Loquacious legend and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee Shane Brother Shane ...


... was at a gas station the other day, gassing up the ol' WYSL MYSL, when a couple got out of an SUV and approached him.

"Are you Sir Ian McKellen? he asked. "My wife says you are."

Sir Ian McKellen ...


... having never cracked Top 40 Radio, Shane had no idea who he was. He said no.

The gentleman then asked, "Have you ever been told you look just like him?"

"No," said Shane. Never at a loss for words, he hit them with a swashbuckling torrent of them: "As a kid heard Eastwood, then I heard Crocodile Dundee everywhere! Lately I hear a lot of Jean-Luc Picard, but I don’t know your guy, sorry.” 

South Buffalo Actor Had Another Nickname


Buzz is sad to hear that a countryman of us Buffalonians, Joe Conley, has passed away. Conley, who earned immortality as Ike Godsey on "The Waltons," was 85. His nickname at South Park High School was reportedly "Hollywood Joe."

But he had another nickname, which appears to have predated that one.

"The Waltons" was one of the few shows that we were allowed to watch as a little kid. Our dad knew Conley when they were both kids at Holy Family School. And he used to comment when Ike Godsey was on.

"That's 'Noodles' Conley," he would say affectionately.

There is a lot of coverage around the world today of Conley's death. Nobody else knows he was nicknamed "Noodles." But he was.

Where else would you read that his nickname was "Noodles"? Nowhere but The Buffalo News!

As long as we are remembering "Noodles" Conley let us also remember Mad Magazine's spoof of "The Waltons." It was called "The Dulltons."

You will see "Noodles" Conley, as Ike Godsey, in the center frame, trying to split a jawbreaker into seven pieces.


Public Artists Make Powerful Statement At Amvets

Scrawled on the walls of the ahem, fitting rooms of the Dick Road Amvets is, let us be honest, a lot of dreck. In its midst, though, we admired an oasis of high-minded ideals.

Amvets 003

Got to love, especially, the Tolkien-quoting nerd, taking time out from Middle Earth, or whatever it is called.

We hope he scored a good haul!

402 Food Reasons To Love Buffalo

This new video has been making the social media rounds.

Josh Potter of 103.3 The Edge has Tweeted: "406 reasons to love Buffalo... 403 are Food Reasons, the other three are Sabres, Bills & St Patrick's Day. I'm moving."

Ha, ha! It is pretty funny when the video goes into high gear, inundating you with picture after picture of wings and beer and beef on weck, Fat Bob's and Gigi's and the Olympic Restaurant. It is like a food fight. Splat! Splat! Splat!

Speaking of which, here is something we can all agree on. Someone, obviously a Buffalonian, writes on YouTube:

"it would be better if you didnt have a seizure from the pictures going so damn fast. Slow the damn thing down and it would be 100X better."

A windy encounter with Goldie Hawn


The smoking saxophonist Tomoka Nomura, who went to City Honors and UB and played in a number of Buffalo jazz bands -- including one with Buzz -- now lives in California with her husband, trumpet ace Jeff Jarvis.

She was playing a gig last night for the Hawn Foundation and Goldie Hawn was there.

"I was pretty excited," says Tomoka, pictured above. "The event was for her foundation and I end up getting an autographed copy of her book. She was elegant and seems very nice. She was very petite and had a beautiful figure. I saw her close but she can easily pass for early 50s. Her son Oliver and Kurt Russell was there, too."

Wow, this is a far cry from back when Tomoka and Buzz and our band mates played 57 weekends straight at the Holiday Inn on Niagara Falls Boulevard! Buzz cheers Tomoka's supremacy in the jazz world.

Hawn cheered it, too.

Tomoka says: "Goldie Hawn gave me a hug and told me I could blow!"