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New York State Dominates List of Haunting Abandoned Places


At last, a list in which New York State may excel!

Our state makes quite the showing in "The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth."

There is a roofless Seneca Lake farmhouse that sits by a yard full of abandoned cars. And an asylum built in 1869 in Willard. Got to have an asylum in there, you know? People are always picking on asylums, especially writers who cannot use apostrophes correctly. (As we say here in Buffalo, we are just saying.)

There is Bannerman Castle in Pollepel Island, N.Y. How can we not have heard of this place?

City Hall Station in New York City is beautiful.


So is an abandoned Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn.


Other sites include Pripyat, Ukraine, abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and a scary-looking hotel in North Korea, just so you see what we are up against here.

The competition is keen.

We are world class!


Why Popeyes Chicken Didn't Cross the Road


Men see inside the minds of fast-food restaurants as women do not. And Howard, the guy Buzz married, offered insights into why Popeyes Chicken opened at the location it did, at 2160 Elmwood Ave.

It functions as a drive-through for all the guys coming out of Home Depot! Home Depot is at 2100 Elmwood and they virtually share a parking lot. Could any location be better?

Popeyes Chicken is simply following the laws of nature.

It is like the bird that sits on the back of the rhinoceros, feasting on the ticks on the rhino's back and the insects the big beast stirs up as it grazes.


It is like the sea anemone which feeds off the byproducts of nearby algae.


So it shall be with Popeyes Chicken and Home Depot.

They will feed off each other! 

Buffalo Thanksgiving Music Video Goes Viral


We speak, of course, of "It's The Most Buffalo Week of the Year," performed by cabaret legend Guy Boleri and the guy Buzz married, Howard Goldman. Click here to hear it.

It is the musical version of the cover story in today's Spotlight section on how Thanksgiving weekend reveals our city's psyche. The photos are great. Love the shots of Luna. And the World's Largest Disco.

Everybody sing!


The Squamp Thing

Pumpkin 003

We should have bought this! It stole the show today downtown at the Main Street farmers' market.

Here it is in a still life with the Two-Headed Carrot.

Pumpkin 001

The Animal That Could Eat the Erie County Fair

Reindeer, our foot.

It looks as if they've got Bullwinkle back there!

Fair 002


Flash Mob Invades Waterfront

Flowers 001

OK, so it's a flash mob of petunias, so what?

Flower Power!

Teenage Waterfront Visitors Leave a Mess

Geese 001

Remember the goose family?

The goslings have grown up!

We know, it hurts to see the sun because we see it so seldom. But still, give a gander at this picture we snapped yesterday.

Geese 008

The baby geese are teenagers!

Unfortunately like all teenagers you have to clean up after them. We are sorry but somebody has to say this: The waterfront is awash in goose do-do.

Duck, duck.


Geese 010