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The Best Thing Ever Said By an Opening Band


Last night at the Tralf Music Hall, Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams -- the band of brothers opening for Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band -- won our heart with their closing remark. 

One of them -- we think it was the sitar player, Naryan Padmanabha -- told the large and roiling crowd: "Obviously you're going to stick around."

Ha, ha! We love self-deprecating humor and that is a classic. We are now a Family Funktion Fan.

In other words: Obviously we're going to stick around!

Step Right Up For Tour of Seedy Old Chippewa Street

Everyone is outside today, but when you are home, do find time to enjoy this collection of photographs of the old Chippewa Street, the Chippewa Street when it was the red-light district.

You see the old House of Quinn, the Fisherman's Wharf, all these seedy old places, the hotels of ill repute, and all the signs saying "Girls Girls Girls."

Buzz is trying to figure out whom to credit for this Red Light Special but it is posted on YouTube under a fake name. When we figure it out we will give credit where credit is due.

And now, without further ado ...


UB Welcomes World's Most Expensive Water Bottle


The Dreamchaser Water Bottle at last night's Sarah Brightman concert at UB's Center for the Arts was $25!

And people were buying it. Plus the $70 sweatshirt!

That concert lived up to its name.

Buzz must be dreaming!

The King of Queen


It was great fun last night, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's tribute to Queen. There is one thing Buzz keeps laughing about but it was too difficult to describe in the review.

It was something singer Brody Dolyniuk did. Can you get over that name, you know? You have to keep looking it up just to get it right. Everyone has a right to be proud of his ethnicity but in this case, a stage name is justified. Look at Freddie Mercury, that was a stage name. We are just saying.

But anyway.

Dolyniuk, center in the picture above, was sort of filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury -- sort of, meaning, he put his own spin on it. What he did that cracked us up, he jumped down from the stage and sat down in the seats, among BPO patrons. Then he raised his arms straight up, exultantly, fists in the air, the way rock singers do.

Ha, ha! Everyone cracked up, seeing that. Hard to put your finger on, but so, so funny.

It was a very funny show, come to think of it, as well as a very loud one.

It will echo in our memory!


Big Improvement at Kleinhans Music Hall


What with all the excitement surrounding the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's opening gala Wednesday, one piece of good news went unmentioned. And it should be mentioned.

The size of the lower-level Ladies Lounge has been doubled!

That is the entrance to the Lounge pictured above on this esteemed Buffalo architectural website. The hall was flush with rumors before the concert even started. "They knocked out a wall," someone said. Buzz, zipped precariously into a skin-tight evening gown, went tripping daintily downstairs to see what we could see. And lo, it was true.

Most mysteriously, the additional, ahem, stalls looked as if they had been there forever. As if the lounge had always been this way!

Oh well. It is like a Mozart symphony.

God knows exactly how it was constructed but we rejoice that it is there!

Laugh-In With Yo-Yo Ma


If Yo-Yo Ma ever gets sick of the cello, he can be a stand-up comic. He has the charm, the low-key delivery, the whole shtick.

At the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season-opening gala Wednesday night, Ma sauntered out on stage before his performance just radiating an egalitarian sense of fun.

"Has anybody seen a cello?" he cracked, gesturing toward the empty space next to the podium where he would shortly be performing. "This is so embarrassing," he added.

He then said his job was to speak for the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov, whose concerto he was going to be playing. To "channel" him, he joked.

"I don't look Argentinian," Ma said. "But I could be."

Exiting the stage, shortly to return, he paused to shake the hand of a nearby musician. 

Stopping to gladhand! We love this guy!

In Yo-Yo Ma's honor, every soloist this season should come out before the concert to do a little stand-up.

It should be a requirement!

Falls Casino Shows Artist in Her Underwear

Teacher, teacher, we declare, we see Diana Krall's underwear!

She should sue!

Someone apparently sneaked into her dressing room and snapped her in her, ahem, foundation garment. Either that or she had a little too much of that Frim Fram Sauce and walked out on stage mistakenly without her blouse, and a photographer took advantage.

Whatever, Niagara Fallsview Casino is using the picture to promote her concerts there in early October.



Rare Photo of DJ Reunion



Buzz's new friend "Doctor John" Bisci, voice of Club 747, passes along this picture of himself and his fellow disco DJs gathered for a charity reunion, the Hustle for a Cure Charity Event at First Niagara Center on Friday night.

Priceless! If this is not a clip-and-save picture Buzz does not know what is.

This explains Doctor John's stealth flight into Buffalo.

Thing like this do not happen by accident!

Disco DJ Makes Stealth Trip Back to Buffalo


Adding sparkle to this rainy Buffalo weekend is "Doctor" John Bisci, the DJ of the long-gone disco Club 747, immortalized in the above video. Bisci now lives and works in Las Vegas and he was in town on business. 

Doctor John is not to be confused with the bluesman Dr. John! Originally, Bisci told Buzz, he worried when he was told to take that name, because the New Orleans bluesman already had it.

Then he reasoned that the musician Dr. John's real name is Mac Rebennack. In any case, Dr. John from New Orleans has been gracious and has never protested.

Bisci had to take a nickname, he said, because all the deejays back then had nicknames. There was Charles "Captain Disco" Anzalone, Charlie "CC" Cimino and someone else he mentioned to us who went by General Mills, hahahaha!

We liked how Bisci, who is now pretty dapper (he's at right, under the banner, in this pic)...

2013-08-23 comet 017

... sees the humor in the situation.

He said: "The first night I announced I was Doctor John, I was laughing so hard."

Motorhead in Lewiston Goes Viral


That Lewiston motorhead is famous! Our post about him has been getting large numbers of hits. And now we see why.

Readers are being referred from a site called imotorhead!

There is a metal band called Motorhead -- with a capriciously placed umlaut over the second "o." That is Motorhead pictured above. And the Motorhead Buzz post was being scrolled across the top of the site, as the latest Motorhead news.

All these disappointed Motorhead metalheads! They come here to the Buzz Blog all revved up thinking they will read about Motorhead and instead it is about the Lewiston Jazz Festival.

Sorry, Motorhead fans! 

We think they will understand.

Judging from the look of the band ...


... these folks have a healthy sense of humor!

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