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Downtown Buffalo Gallery Circling the Drain

Island 038

The subject is toilets.

Above is one picture of a picture Buzz took today of one photograph on display at the CEPA Gallery, in Buffalo's downtown Market Arcade building.

Someone pick up that paper!

Island 022

And take out the garbage, while you are at it..

Island 048

This masterpiece shows the tile we refer to as North Buffalo Bathroom.

Island 011

 Untidy bowl.

Island 017

We read the writing on the wall.

Island 006

Buzz should submit our masterful photograph from Black Rock a few days ago.

Island 024

OK, enough art appreciation. Time to get back to work.

Let's flush this toilet!

Question is Buried in Buffalo News Snow Photo


News photographer Mark Mulville's photo of the sign in front of Fourteen Holy Helpers in West Seneca is going viral. Which begs the question:

Which of the Fourteen Holy Helpers do you pray to about snow, anyway?

The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a band of saints invoked in the Middle Ages against various practical difficulties such as sickness (particularly the Black Plague) and temptation. St. Blaise for the throat,  St. George for the protection of your domestic animals, St. Cyriacus against temptation on the deathbed, etc. (That last one cracks Buzz up. If you are still subject to temptation on your deathbed, then God love you.)

Surely one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers is in charge of snow.

And lo!

St. Vitus is the saint who is our help against storms.

And the second Fourteen Holy Helper would be St. Christopher.  He is in charge of getting us home in one piece.

Anyway, good on the Fourteen Holy Helpers Church for getting its practical message out.

But they should have been more specific!

Buffalo Photographer Shoots to National Fame

The cover story of Shutterbug magazine's February issue explores the artistry of Phil Pantano, Buffalo photographer.

Here is a portrait of the magazine, along with talented author Jim Corbran.


Buzz was, of course, on top of all this with our recognition last summer of Pantano's genius as manifested in his exhibit "The American Worker." He was able to capture deejay Anita West in a rare moment when she is not saying "Cheese!" How was Pantano able to do that? We are still wondering.

A party next Friday will celebrate Phil's achievements. There will be free snacks -- did we hear the words free snacks? -- and the Roaming Buffalo Food Truck will be on hand.

A toast to Phil Pantano, Shutterbug cover boy!

Step Right Up For Tour of Seedy Old Chippewa Street

Everyone is outside today, but when you are home, do find time to enjoy this collection of photographs of the old Chippewa Street, the Chippewa Street when it was the red-light district.

You see the old House of Quinn, the Fisherman's Wharf, all these seedy old places, the hotels of ill repute, and all the signs saying "Girls Girls Girls."

Buzz is trying to figure out whom to credit for this Red Light Special but it is posted on YouTube under a fake name. When we figure it out we will give credit where credit is due.

And now, without further ado ...


Rare Photo of DJ Reunion



Buzz's new friend "Doctor John" Bisci, voice of Club 747, passes along this picture of himself and his fellow disco DJs gathered for a charity reunion, the Hustle for a Cure Charity Event at First Niagara Center on Friday night.

Priceless! If this is not a clip-and-save picture Buzz does not know what is.

This explains Doctor John's stealth flight into Buffalo.

Thing like this do not happen by accident!

Air Force 1's Surprise Buffalo Destination



Our Facebook friend Dave snapped this picture of Air Force 1 heading into the Buffalo airport. It is pretty thrilling, you know?

Maybe not to Dave.

He wrote: "I bet they go for the Super Kiss at Delta Sonic."


A Rare, Rare Picture

As promised in today's Buzz column, here is the rare picture of deejay Anita West looking stressed, included in Phil Pantano's photo exhibit.


The way we are used to seeing Anita:




As Buzz promises in the paper today, Phil Pantano's exhibit is a rare chance to catch Anita West looking downcast. Clearly Phil Pantano is a man of genius.

Catch the exhibit while you can!

Baby bear goes viral


Our cute baby polar bear is in the national spotlight!

Pursuant to Buzz's admiration of the bear, the site BuzzFeed posted an entire album of him! Her, we mean. The bear is a girl.

BuzzFeed's headline is: "The Buffalo Zoo Baby Polar Bear Is Unreasonably Cute."

Our favorite picture is up above. Look at that bear! Unbelievable!

Here are others:



And an armful of happy bear! This one was taken by Derek Gee at The Buffalo News.


As was this one.


Who can bear this bear? It will be terrible one of these days when she grows up and is all mean and growly and threatening to claw us. How can that happen? When right now she loves people so much?

Buzz echoes BuzzFeed.

Why do they have to grow?

Portrait of January

There is nothing like January as seen through the window of a Metro Bus.

2013-1-18 002

The snow. The smudges. The Rite Aid sign reading "Christmas 75 Percent Off."

It is a revelation to ride the bus.

You get a new view of the world!

Hizzoner rocks the house

Like rivulets of spilled champagne, the photos from New Year's Eve are trickling in.

How bad a year can 2013 turn out to be when it begins with (left to right): developer Mark Croce, crooner Nick Battistella and Mayor Byron Brown singing, together, "Auld Lang Syne"?


This picture, posted on Nick's Facebook fan page, was taken at the Statler Ice Ball.

Quoth Nick: "Mayor Brown was rockin' the house!"

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