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Anchor Bar Beats NYC Restaurant in Radio Smackdown

In today's Buzz we learn of Geraldo Rivera winging it while in Buffalo in the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, the Anchor Bar has been soaring on eagle's wings as far as good publicity goes. Over the weekend Cigar Dave, the nationally syndicated radio guy originally from Buffalo, paid an on-air paean to the place.

He made the outrageous move, which Buzz loved, of stacking the Anchor Bar up against a chi-chi New York City three Michelin-star restaurant at the Time Warner Center, Per Se.

"Per So-So," he called it.

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Radio Traffic Reports Exposed As Sham


You know those radio traffic reports? Sure you do. On talk radio, every time the conversation gets interesting it is interrupted by a traffic report -- often lengthy and detailed, complete with drivers phoning in. As if we lived in Manhattan!

Yesterday Buzz trusted the traffic report.

We thought that for once, because no one else was working, we could make it on the 190 from downtown to Tonawanda, where there is this Pilates class we like (OK, maybe we don't like it, but we need it). Normally we would not attempt this trip because gas is so expensive and we would have to leave work super-early to get to this class on time. But because it was Veterans Day, maybe the traffic would not be that bad. Plus, surely we could catch a traffic report. 

As we started our car, the WJYE, the Christmas station, goes on. This is embarrassing, but we have one of our car buttons set to it. The station is giving the traffic report. It says the 190 is clear both ways, no problem at all getting out of downtown.

Then what happens?

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Buffalo Radio Legend Mistaken For British Knight

Loquacious legend and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee Shane Brother Shane ...


... was at a gas station the other day, gassing up the ol' WYSL MYSL, when a couple got out of an SUV and approached him.

"Are you Sir Ian McKellen? he asked. "My wife says you are."

Sir Ian McKellen ...


... having never cracked Top 40 Radio, Shane had no idea who he was. He said no.

The gentleman then asked, "Have you ever been told you look just like him?"

"No," said Shane. Never at a loss for words, he hit them with a swashbuckling torrent of them: "As a kid heard Eastwood, then I heard Crocodile Dundee everywhere! Lately I hear a lot of Jean-Luc Picard, but I don’t know your guy, sorry.” 

Buffalo Leading in Twitter Hashtag Derby


All day we have been pawing at the ground, wanting to get at Twitter so we can see what appears -- for the moment, at least -- to be the top-trending Twitter topic -- Buffalo Horse Names.

"City of Good Neighers," is one. It is the brainchild of WGR's Greg Bauch.

"From Cellino's Barns." HAHAHAA.

"Yous Guys." That is Matt Carlucci's.

"Everything Parmed." That comes from Trending Buffalo.

Richard Doran suggests "JoAnn Fillyetta." Ha, ha! He used to work for the Buffalo Philharmonic.

Everyone, get a horse in this race. Put your horse name on Twitter with the hashtag #BuffaloHorseNames.

Let's keep this hash tag on top.

We will not be unseated!

Former WBEN News Chief Finds New Employment


Buzz misses hearing Steve Cichon on radio's WBEN, but now that he has cast off those shackles, it is great that he has made himself available as a round-the-clock resource.

The Bow-Tied One, pictured above in his former habitat, devoted his first free afternoon to settling questions on Facebook pertaining to Two Guys and Twin Fair.

Apparently someone had called him asking where Two Guys used to be. Cichon responded with this picture...


... adding smoothly: "That is why it's convenient to have a 1979 phone book."

The discussion proceeded unhurriedly throughout the long afternoon, moderated by Cichon, about where these stores used to be, what stores followed, how you can spot an old Two Guys, what Twin Fair commercials used to say, etc., etc., etc.

It went off on tangents.

"Hey, can you look up Wisniewski, William for me," one woman asked. "I wanna see where I, or my father was living at the time." Cichon provided the Buffum Street address and went on to describe his admiration for the Fotomat that used to sit on the corner of Buffum and Seneca.

We are starting to understand Steve Cichon's new business.

He is the History Hotline!

402 Food Reasons To Love Buffalo

This new video has been making the social media rounds.

Josh Potter of 103.3 The Edge has Tweeted: "406 reasons to love Buffalo... 403 are Food Reasons, the other three are Sabres, Bills & St Patrick's Day. I'm moving."

Ha, ha! It is pretty funny when the video goes into high gear, inundating you with picture after picture of wings and beer and beef on weck, Fat Bob's and Gigi's and the Olympic Restaurant. It is like a food fight. Splat! Splat! Splat!

Speaking of which, here is something we can all agree on. Someone, obviously a Buffalonian, writes on YouTube:

"it would be better if you didnt have a seizure from the pictures going so damn fast. Slow the damn thing down and it would be 100X better."

On the phone, the voice of a legend

RobertsLike a big, trumpeting elephant, the Giants of Buffalo Radio panel discussion event looms in our future. It is Friday! It is coming up fast!

And the voices are rising. Last week we quoted the stream-of-consciousness soliloquy of Shane, Brother Shane. And yesterday Buzz picked up our phone and heard the voice of Stan Roberts.

That was a thrill! We were away from our desk and Stan Roberts, whom we kept picturing looking the way he does in the picture at left, talked to the machine. He did not say anything much, other than very graciously thanking Buzz for mentioning him, but heck, he could be reading the Buffalo Common Council minutes and we would be happy.

Search for Stan Roberts airchecks on WBEN's Steve Cichon's page, Staff Announcer Dot Com. By the way that was where we cribbed our picture from. Thank you, Steve!

Joining Stan Roberts at Friday's event will be other great voices including Shane Brother Shane, Joey Reynolds, Danny Neaverth and Sandy Beach.

We have to agree with Shane's assessment of the event. 

Yesterday on Facebook, he said, "Things could get rowdy!"

New year's prediction has ring of truth

NooryNew Year's Eve is fun because it is is so surreal. Buzz  loved seeing the groups of strangers walking down Delaware Avenue downtown, sporting hats with blinking lights. "Happy New Year!" they called to us. How can you hear and see that and not smile?

Then there were people in skimpy outfits, out frolicking in the snow with no coats or anything. That is fun too. And so Buffalo!

Only one thing could improve this scene: We had to tune in to George Noory, pictured at left, on the surreal show "Coast to Coast AM" on WBEN-AM. 

Noory was letting callers predict things that would happen in the coming year.

One woman said confidently: "The earth will grow rings in 2013."

"Ah," said Noory. Well, he said something like that. We were not writing it down. "Are you into meditation?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "And higher consciousness."

"Thank you for the prediction," he said. "We haven't had anything like it."

Hey, why not, you know? Buzz will be on Ring Alert. We will be watching for those rings.

Ring in the new!

A controversial holiday hit

ASCAP's list of this year's Top 10 Christmas songs did not include one that must, just must, be there, judging from what we are hearing around town.

The song is front and center on the new Christmas CD by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, culture barometers that they are. A co-worker heard it at Wegmans and Buzz heard it somewhere else, at Budwey's maybe?

Guess it yet? Give up? It's ...

Buzz likes this square old version. We are a Johnny Mercer fan!

Oh, no!! We are looking at the comments under the YouTube video.

There is an argument going on with people insisting the song is about date rape! Someone writes: "Terrible song about rape. Society has come a long way..."

Then people argue. And someone else writes: "The song IS about rape. Don't try to sugar-coat it."

To quote "A Charlie Brown Christmas," good grief!

We've had, as we said, plenty of opportunities to listen to this song. And there are lines, now that we think about it, like "What's in this drink?" And "I oughta say no, no, no...." But we never saw it as ominous! And on the new Travolta/Newton-John CD, for what it is worth, they do it the other way around. It's the girl pleading with the guy to stay.

Oh, well, whatever. There is no use arguing with some people, is what we are learning.

Crank up the Victrola!

Har de har-har! Call William Mattar


The lawyer William Mattar, he's so bizarre!

His sense of humor, anyway. Buzz loves it. Once, we saw on Twitter that someone had seen a toddler walking along singing, "Hurt by a car? Call William Mattar!" Ha, ha! Even funnier, the Tweet was re-tweeted by William Mattar.

Now, we hear that in honor of the holidays, Mattar has a new jingle.

It's "Hurt by a sleigh? Call us today!"

The news of this comes from Cheryl Raffel of Wheatfield. "As much as I get tired of the commercials, that made me laugh," she says. "So now we have to watch out for speeding sleighs!"

We must indeed.

We hear Santa has deep pockets!

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