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Prestigious Buffalo Church Auction Yields a Fine Forgery

IMAG2312 (1)

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Tragically, we don't have the Trinity Episcopal Church White Elephant Sale any more. We do, however, have the church's annual Snowflakes and Starlight Auction, which was Wednesday.

There was, to quote one friend of ours, "prodigious spending." She herself, coming to her senses the next afternoon, had to sit down and make a list of the "unnecessary objects" that had followed her home:

-- Five wallets with two micro coin purses (they were all in one lot)

-- An American Kestral wind chime, (that looked artisan made until we hung it up by the kitchen window and noticed the coin-sized made-in-China sticker)

-- a black and white photo of the yacht club that neither one of us has any affiliation with

 -- And the coup de grace ....

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Brown Booby Frustrated In Efforts To Spot Rare Human


From the Brown Booby's human-watching journal:

Awk! Awk! I really must be as stupid as they say.

I make my once-in-a-lifetime human-ing trip up to Buffalo and all I see is the same darn people I've been seeing back home in Florida!

Buffalo Bills fans! They are down in Florida too. I added the Buffalo Bills Fan to my life list when I was still a chick. You can't fly 10 feet without running into one of those.

The Tufted Backwards-Baseball-Cap-Wearing Youth, he is so common!

It's my first time this year for the Tweedy UB Professor. But it's not as if he's exotic or anything. As a matter of fact that professor quoted in the story about me in The Buffalo News, I saw that exact same guy in Florida, looking right at me.

No goal! That is a quaint expression I hear in this Great Lakes town. 

Why are rare humans so hard to spot??

The Squamp Thing

Pumpkin 003

We should have bought this! It stole the show today downtown at the Main Street farmers' market.

Here it is in a still life with the Two-Headed Carrot.

Pumpkin 001

An electrifying story from the Erie County Fair


Just the way everyone hears a Beethoven symphony differently, each in his own way, so is the Erie County Fair experience unique to every person. In today's News Buzz writes about our experience with pigs, heifers and the Parking Lot exhibit. We also love the story in today's News about the couple who have been going to the Erie County Fair every year since the 1950s.

Our friend Ryan Lysarz has his own particular spark.

Ryan hit the Erie County Fair yesterday. He was watching the Indian dancing, entranced -- Ryan is of Mohawk heritage -- when his attention was diverted.

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City Hall's Scariest Public Servant

Because, unlike some of our public servants ... it tells the truth!

Scale 005

Local Supermarket Branches Out

Buzz's buddy Ryan Lysarz, who works in UB's purchasing department as in an expert on all things purchasing, brings these exotic creations to our attention.


Ryan writes: "This is a perfect example of why I like to buy my fruit at a farmer's market."

Buzz is not sure we agree. We want to enjoy everything!

Maybe some day Lewiston will hold a peacherine festival. It has a certain ring to it.

The Peacherine Queen!

A nose for a great story


That is Howard, the guy Buzz married, featured in today's pioneering story about nosebleeds.

Those are Buzz's keys held to the back of his neck in the picture! If you look carefully you might be able to make out our Tops and Wegmans cards.

It is right and just that Howard be pictured because he inspired the story. He came down with a heck of a nosebleed and we had never dealt with one before. Hence Buzz's health story.

It is like Mathilde Wesendonck inspiring Richard Wagner to write the Wesendonck Lieder.


It is like Camille Claudel ...


... inspiring the great sculptor Auguste Rodin.


Great art does not come from just anywhere.

In this case, it came from Howard's nose!