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Priceless Experience at the Broadway Market

 The pleasures of stopping by the Broadway Market of a winter morning:

Bargain baked goods at Chrusciki's: $1.

Broadway 004

Horseradish from Wanda Skup: $2.99 to, oh, $6.99, we forget.


Vintage Christmas ornaments at Theresa's Treasures, $3.

Broadway 019

AND ...

Hanging out at Lewandowski Produce griping about the government with people you don't know, including one with a rare, vintage authentic Polish East Side accent: 



Tops Rolls Out the Red Carpet For New Local Owners

It is a great show of Buffalo strength, the Million-Man Hot Sauce March, shown in this exclusive photo taken in the Grant Street Tops. Surely this extravagant display is a tribute to Tops' new owners.

Tops 001

It is a sight that stirs the blood.

Next, we expect the Great Blue Cheese Parade!

The Christmas Ornament from the Black Lagoon

In the spirit of Jerry Darlak, God rest his soul, Buzz is doing our Christmas shopping at the liquor store this year. With which, we walked into a Kaisertown wine shop.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear but a representative from Bacardi Rum, offering tastes. We sipped a bit of coconut rum. We left with a warm feeling and a Bacardi ornament that the rep handed us. So nice! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Then we opened up the box and looked at the ornament.

We can't hang this on our tree!


It looks satanic! Like a demon!

Apparently those folks at Bacardi have guzzled a bit too much of their wares. Otherwise they might have thought of a little silver rum bottle, or ... wouldn't a parrot be tropical? Even a "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" pirate would have been OK, if he wore a red and green bandanna.

But a bat? Or a gargoyle, whatever this is?

Oh well. 

It's the thought that counts.

The Card To Send to Folks Who Blast Buffalo

Masterpiece seen at the WNY Book Arts Center ...

Downtown 045

... and we love how it's displayed next to a Thank You card.

Tea-d Off Buffalonian Gets Outpouring Of Sympathy


A friend got angry at the Republic of Tea when she bought a Hibiscus Coconut blend, took it home, tried it, disliked it and found it contained Stevia.

Stevia is a sweetener she did not want and she had not noticed it because it was in the fine print. And so after pawning the tea off on Buzz, who will drink anything, she emailed the Republic of Tea to complain.

She got an email back addressed to "Citizen" and her last name.

The Republic of Tea was recognizing her as a citizen!

The Republic offered her a replacement tea for the one that she bought and deplored. This is what is known as Tea and Sympathy.

With a twist! The message was signed:

Best Sip by Sip Regards,

The Minister of Information.


Library Opens Stunning New Special Collection


We saw it shining on the main floor of the downtown Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.

The Book Nook!

It is the little second-hand book shop. They used to have this room, remember, where you could buy de-accessioned books. But for inexplicable reasons they closed the little book shop a couple of years ago.

Now it is back, this time called The Book Nook. It is off the main lobby in the Magazine Room.

It is just one column of shelves plus a cart but we hope it will grow.

It is a new chapter!

They're Putting the Tree Up

Vinnie 004

The Buffalonians shouldn't be up!

They are putting the tree up at The Buffalo News. That is it pictured above!

And at St. Vincent de Paul on Main Street, where workers were scurrying around this morning with tabletop trees and strings of lights. By the way here is a picture of Vinnie D's world-class tchotchke collection, so you may begin your Christmas shopping early.

Vinnie 002

It is never too early for Christmas as far as Buzz is concerned. For instance today we cheered the First Christmas Cookies Being Baked By a Rock 'n Roll Artist.

Election Day, the new start of the Christmas season.

You may eat!


Strange Creatures at Your Local Market

This is so Halloween creepy-crawly! Snapped at the Clinton-Bailey Market:

Sunset 015

And more mutant squash:

Sunset 025

Got to love this time of the year!

Ode To Trader Joe's

Though others flock to Trader Joe's,

With Buzz they're out of luck!

We'll stay away, until the day

They carry ...


Two-Buck Chuck!

(May be sung pompously to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne.")


Terrapin Station Knows What You Did Last Summer


Thinking about Melvin Seals at the Tralf tonight got us thinking about Terrapin Station which had a poll about what was the best thing about summer. It is too late to vote. The polls are over with, just like the summer! But you can enjoy their findings.

I'm loving it all, whatever comes: 27 %.

Laughter, sunshine and gratitude: 7.4 %.

Checking out the free music everywhere: 6.4 %.

Twirling in my big skirt: 3.2 %.

Hanging out in the parks: 1.1 %.

Mixing new hookah flavors: 7.4 %.

Playing my guitar and singing: 11.5 %.

Oh, heck! Here we were all looking forward to fall and Christmas and this poll was just too funny. Now all we want is summer.

Sunshine daydream!

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