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Buffalo's Most Amazing Shopping Bag

Buzz joined the crowd at the Undy 5K this morning in Delaware Park, our sneakers squishing in the rain, and if there was one thing more amazing than the giant walk-in colon, it was this giant shopping bag they gave out, which we made sure to grab.

2014-03-01 undie 002

Yes, you read that correctly. It says: "Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test." 

We can't wait to take it to Wegmans!

Southern Cheerleading VIPs Freeze But Say 'Rah, Rah' To Buffalo


Deep South, meet Deep Freeze!

Last night at E.B. Green's in the Hyatt, Buzz met a lady and gentleman from Mississippi who are here to judge Cheersport, the giant cheerleading competition taking place Saturday at the Buffalo Convention Center.

They are Niel Parker and Cheryl Farris and while they are used to judging summery competitions like the one pictured above, now they are up here in the Arctic. They confessed that just the thought of flying to Buffalo had made them shiver.

"We were afraid our plane would land on ice," Cheryl said.

Niel added candidly: "We were hoping our flight would be canceled."

But they fell in love with Buffalo! "The people are so friendly," they said, and proceeded to list all the friends they had made, from the pilot of the plane up through the staffers at the Hyatt, whom they reeled off by name. They had tickets to "Wicked" tonight at Shea's.

Niel and Cheryl are encouraging Buffalonians to come out and watch the cheerleading competition. The Convention Center site says admission is $10 with kids under 10 admitted free. It sounds like quite a show. There are about a zillion cheerleaders from all over the state and beyond. And the judges say come late, because the competition gets more advanced as the day wears on.

Cheerleaders converging on the Convention Center, what fun.

Let's go, Buffalo!


Where the Buffalo Bills Reign Supreme


By Mary Kunz Goldman

There is one place in the world where the Buffalo Bills are the Super Bowl champs! Unfortunately it is in the Third World which is kind of far from here. But still, better than nowhere.

A friend hips us to this story about what happens to the merchandise made in case a certain team wins. It turns up in developing countries! You cannot legally resell it here, and so it goes there.

Quoth our friend: "I see this stuff all the time when I am in Africa or parts of Asia. It is no blunder, it is all planned and factored into championship clothing costs.  There are places in Africa that I have been where they still swear that the Bills are FOUR TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!"

Hmmm, maybe we should take a trip there.

Just for that feeling!

When the Bills Hit Home Too Hard

Hey, sure we missed the playoffs, but it's only a game!


This story comes from The Buffalo Evening News 100 years ago this week. Happily, the situation seems to have worked itself out OK. So we can forgive ourself for comically misunderstanding the headline.

Who could help it?


Medaille Race Cheerleaders Get Creative

The Medaille Reindeer Run in Delaware Park this morning drew a big crowd -- of runners, and of cheerleaders.

This was our favorite cheerleading squad. Love the opaque sign on the left, and then the sign in the middle with the picture of the Metro Bus.

2013-12-07 race 002

Confessions of the Notre Dame Leprechaun


Sure, and Hamburg native Daniel Colt Collins' "Life as the Notre Dame Leprechaun," gossiped about in today's Buzz column, will be flying off the shelves, if all if it is as good as the excerpts we read.

Here is one:

I led the cheerleaders in a "Hail Mary" before we ran through LaFortune Student Center, much to the surprise of the hungry fans waiting patiently in the serpentine Subway line coiled around the concourse.  More fans mobbed us for the remainder of the fifteen minutes we had left until the Band of the Fighting Irish signaled the start of its Step-Off Parade from the Golden Dome to Notre Dame Stadium.  Our venerated drum major blew his whistle, raised his ornate scepter, and away we went.

And another:

Continue reading "Confessions of the Notre Dame Leprechaun" ยป

Buffalo Thanksgiving Music Video Goes Viral


We speak, of course, of "It's The Most Buffalo Week of the Year," performed by cabaret legend Guy Boleri and the guy Buzz married, Howard Goldman. Click here to hear it.

It is the musical version of the cover story in today's Spotlight section on how Thanksgiving weekend reveals our city's psyche. The photos are great. Love the shots of Luna. And the World's Largest Disco.

Everybody sing!


A Victorian Ode Upon the Buffalo Bills


Lynn Shaftic-Averill, of Kaisertown, has a scholarly interest in both British poetry and the Buffalo Bills. And never the twain shall meet, you ask? How little you know Buffalo.

Shaftic-Averill, caught up in Sunday's game against the New York Jets, posted a poem. She began: "With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I am compelled to write..."

That is Elizabeth Barrett Browning pictured above. Ahem:

How do I love the Bills?

Let me check the score. 

I love the pass defense, the coaching calls, Byrd's interceptions 

The Jets' defense breach'd when field goals the wild winds do tame, 

And to the Jets, we put the screws and pains.

Buffalo Sabres News Proposed For School Curriculum


Nothing stirs the soul like the sight of men discussing hockey, as above in The News' video examining the Buffalo Sabres' big news today.

No wonder Buffalo comedian Mark Saldana posed this question on Facebook: 

"Can I show my 2nd grade class the Sabres press conference citing it as a 'major historical event'?"

Why not?

It sure looks like one to us!

Two Heads of '80s Hair Are Better Than One

We start this week with a feeling of well being because not only have the Bills carried off a massive victory, but we were visited last week by two classic heads of '80s hair.

One was Sarah Brightman, whom Buzz beheld at UB's Center For the Arts.


The other, Bernadette Peters, whom Buzz had the honor of seeing at Kleinhans Music Hall. Here is the exquisite and exclusive Buffalo News photo, taken by Harry Scull:


What marvelous manes! Having them both here within days of each other is rare, like a solar eclipse.

Clearly Buffalo's planets are lined up right!


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