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Buffalo Bills? Fiddle-dee-dee

OK, we are mixing our movies, so what. Jazz singer Mari McNeil shares this Facebook picture following the Bills' loss:


Kindred spirits chime in:

"I couldn't tell you five players on the Bills, but I could tell you ALL the Iron Chefs!"

"I was wondering how it would be the post play-by-plays of a concert. They are killing it! Go Buffalo Philharmonic! Way to go, string section!"

And our favorite (from a guy, too):

"I enjoy football Sundays because I can go grocery shopping and to the gym and know that both places will be empty."


Florida reacts to Ruff firing


Daryle Pompeo, a Buffalo expat living near Tampa, Fla., writes on Facebook:

I apparently possess some mad voodoo. ...

Continue reading "Florida reacts to Ruff firing" ยป

Lindy Ruff rough on computer system


Shock followed shock! One minute, it was announced that Sabres coach Lindy Ruff had been fired.

The next, The News' internal Internet crashed!

So many News employees, it seemed, were looking for information on The News' Web site that for a few minutes it became impossible to do anything online for us in the building.

Funny, we never remember this happening for any other news event.

That's life on Planet Hockey!

Heartbreak Express


One of Buzz's good friends made the thankless trip to Toronto yesterday to witness the Bills' loss. She joined up with friends who live north of the border. They drove to Aldershot -- there is a name you would never find in Buffalo, eh? -- where they caught a GO Train to the game.

The train was full of tons of people, all bound for the game, all having a noisy great time. The conductor even came out and congratulated everyone. He said, "I've been driving this train for years, and I've never seen a train this packed, even at rush hour!"

Fast forward to a few hours later.

Buzz's friend and her friends, unable to bear watching the game to the bitter end, left early. They had to wait for the train back to Aldershot. The Canadian system had not taken into account that anyone might want to leave early. The station was full of Bills fans, staring at the arrival and departure board, silent and miserable.

On the train, our friend said, you could hear a pin drop.

Oh, for crying out loud, this is breaking our heart!

Where is Elmore James when you need him?

The ultimate Bills transportation


We don't know if that's the right middle initial, but who cares?

The taxi to the Ralph got us thinking.

Why not get your friends together and go to the game in the Bruce Smith truck?

Talk about arriving in style!

Two smart Bills fans ...


... took a cab to the game yesterday.

When did you ever hear of anyone taking a cab to a Bills game?

But they did!

They called Buffalo Metro Taxi and were picked up at home in North Buffalo and whisked out to Ralph Wilson Stadium. When the game was over they called the same driver and he was there in 15 minutes. They got home in half an hour. "He knew how to drive!" they gloated.

The total tab for the round trip? $120, including tip.

Not bad!! That is $60 each. Take along two more people and it would be $30 each.

Plus you can drink beer!

And if the Bills are losing, one word:


How about them Bulls?


The question has none of the stress it would have if you asked it about the Bills.

Win or lose, the UB Bulls are in fine form.

A dad we know -- OK, it's our brother George -- tells us that after the game, the players run in front of the front row, smiling and high-fiving the small fry. Kids love it, including Buzz's little niece and nephew, who go as often as they can get their parents to take them.

Bills games can be too rough for kids, but Bulls games, no problem! And the kids love it, win or lose. OK, full disclosure, last time the team played and lost, our kindgarten-age nephew, Georgie, somehow sensed the loss and began to cry. A high-five or two, though, and he was over it.

The Bulls are playing Toledo as we speak. Their next home game is noon next Saturday -- that's Nov. 3 -- against Miami. That's Miami, Ohio. Who knew that Miami University was in Ohio? But it is.

Go! Relax! And don't forget to take the kids.

The Champ


It's squash season! And Buzz is thrilled to report that last night, in the Hyatt lounge, we met, in person, world-renowned squash champion Barry Abelson. That is Abelson pictured above at one of his many competitions! He is in town from Toronto to compete in the U.S./Canada squash championships being held at Buffalo Tennis and Squash.

Apparently certain of victory, Abelson had given the slip to his friends, who were off at some other event, and was kicked back by himself enjoying healthful red wine and enticing lounge pianist Jackie Jocko to play obscure songs. He impressed Buzz by requesting two numbers we had never heard of, "Manhattan Towers" and "Yellow Days." 

Jocko played both.

"Hey, Toronto!" he kept yelling to Abelson. "Listen to this!'

Abelson is 76 but looks younger, which is what a lifestyle of squash and standards will do for you.

And his favorite squash?

"I like zucchini," he said. "And spaghetti squash with tomato sauce."

And then depression set in


That is a snapshot of Buzz leaving the house this morning having to endure the Bills' devastating loss.

The bathrobe represents the Buffalo Bills! Forgive me, I love those depression drug ads with the bathrobe. I can't help it.

Anyone else notice, when the Bills lose, you just know it? It is in the air. Even if you do not watch or listen to the game, you know it.

Yesterday while the game was going on I was out running errands and stuff and did not catch any game updates. Sometimes it is better not to look in on stressful situations! That is why I did not watch the presidential debate, either, last week.

Later on yesterday I was home washing dishes and stuff and all of a sudden I said out loud, to no one:

"The Bills lost. I just know it."

And sure enough, alas.

Here is another depression ad I love. I love how the people are shaped like eggs and at the end, as the voice is listing the side effects, they start bouncing cheerily around.

If only Bills losses were reversed so easily!

Wouldn't it be great if you could just take a pill, and they would win?

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