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Find the Hidden Tall Ship

Here is not the best picture but the most unusual picture you are going to see of the Tall Ships visiting Buffalo. Well, it is one of the Tall Ships. It is hunkered down in the drizzle.

Ship 019

Can you see the ship? If you click on the picture you can see it better.

It is like playing "Where's Waldo?"!

Here is a hint. The ship is on the river between the second posts of the Skyway (counting from the left) and the orange crane.

It is the view from Buzz's window. Yesterday we heard cannon fire and that was how we knew when the Tall Ships arrived.

And this is funny: A co-worker heard the big booms and said, "What's that?"

Buzz, busy snacking as usual, said without really thinking, "Cannon fire."

Then we both went back to our work.

Party like it's 1799!


Next Time You Have To Take Off Your Shoes At The Airport...

Vengerov... consider the case of the dapper Siberian violinist Maxim Vengerov, pictured at left. 

Vengerov has played all over the world, including in Buffalo. He is a respected violinist. And still!

He was crossing a border in Europe and had to open his violin case at an airport so officials could see what was inside.

And not only that, but he had to play it!

Apparently the officials did not believe it was his violin, and that was his only way out of the situation. Ha, ha! What if they didn't believe that Buzz owned our laptop? Would we have to write something on the Buzz blog while they watched, to prove it?

Airports just get more and more entertaining!

You can read Maxim's story and see pictures on British critic Normal Lebrecht's blog.


Wallenda Walks the Line With Buffalo Developer


Nik Wallenda's high-wire canyon walk on Sunday night had one Western New York connection that has been largely lost in the media blitz.

The daredevil warmed up by practicing on a wire strung between two cranes -- in Florida's Nathan Benderson Park.

Benderson! That's a name we all know.

Next time let's get Wallenda to practice in some of our Benderson developments. Amherst Development Park, maybe? Walden Square? The simply yet eloquently named 909 Dick Road? Or, for a touch of Niagara Falls glamour, the Niagara Commerce Center.

You are welcome back here any time, Mr. Wallenda.

We've got enough cranes!

Water Park Won't Rain On Your Parade

St. anthony 091

You usually don't find a water park as freewheeling as the one at Fantasy Island, where we took this picture on Sunday. That is Buzz's sister lounging against the sign.

What a permissive park! Bring in your beer! 

Oh, wait.

St. anthony 206

 It is surprisingly easy to miss that "NO."

Especially if you are not looking for it!


Where Gas Is Just 13 Cents a Gallon

Fantasy island 014

Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy. We took snapped it out of the window of our cute little Model T Ford, Sunday at Fantasy Island.

The darling antique cars are a highlight -- Model T Fords painted yellow or basic black, fitted out with real gas motors, rolling around on those skinny wheels.

Fantasy island 013

Those gas pumps are darling too and we are guessing that they are original to the park, which opened in 1961.

Those prices.

Talk about nostalgia!

Buffalo Bargain Hunters Take Bite Out Of Big Apple

Carnegie 032

You can take the Buffalonians out of Buffalo but you can't make us not be cheapskates!

Buzz, looking back on our three days in New York City to hear the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, finds ourself glorying in ways in which we cut corners and saved pennies.

For one thing we found a guy on the street selling pashmina scarves and we scarfed one up, haha, for five bucks.

For another thing we located an Irish pub practically around the corner from our hotel where they had what very well could have been the Big Apple's only $5 glass of wine. To quote Rick Jeanneret: "Scooooooore!" Of course we ran into other Buffalonians there.

And one more fine example of Buffalo penny pinching:

When you fly Jet Blue -- and of course we were all flying Jet Blue, 'cause it's cheap -- you have to make your way from JFK Airport into Manhattan. You have your choice: Cab, for something like $60, or a long ride on the E Train, pictured above in Buzz's unglamorous photograph, which will run you $8.50.

Take the E Train! It is a Buffalonian no-brainer. Buzz grit our teeth and rode the gritty subway. So did everyone else we talked to.

One fellow rider was WNED-FM announcer Peter Hall, who was emceeing the after-concert party at the Russian Tea Room. As the E Train shook, rattled and rolled its way into Manhattan, Hall beheld John Hurley, the president of Canisius College, and his wife.

Hall said to President Hurley: "We non-profits know how to save money."

As do we all!


Encounter With A New Yorker At Carnegie Hall


Details will be in the paper tomorrow, but the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's performance at Carnegie Hall was magnificent. In Buffalo lingo we rocked the house! Buzz took the photo above as the orchestra was filing in. The excitement was tremendous.

At the end of Gliere's challenging Symphony No. 3, as everyone was standing and cheering, the woman in the seat behind Buzz tapped us on the shoulder. 

"Excuse me," she said. "Do you know why was there so much clapping between movements of the symphony?"

Buzz, in our long red gown and green Spring For Music scarf, must have looked to her like the kind of person who could answer this question.

Our friend Lizzie, who was with us, says we should have answered by asking her, "Why were you talking through the whole thing?" Because this woman's friend was talking all night. 

But Buzz was polite. We looked around at the sea of people, all applauding. We turned back to the woman.

"Because," we said, "there are a lot of people from Buffalo here, and a lot of them are new to classical music, and they're here to support the orchestra, and they don't know not to clap between movements, and they were carried away with the excitement of the music, so they clapped." We explained that we were from Buffalo.

She frowned. We leaned closer to her.

"Are you a New Yorker?" we asked gently. 

She said she was.

"Did you come for the Gliere?" we asked. 

She nodded.

"Did you like it?" we asked.

She nodded again. "Yes," she said.

And then she kind of smiled. We had achieved rapport.

"Thank you for coming," Buzz said. We smiled at each other.

Concert a success.


JFK Airport Falls Short Of Buffalo's Artistic Standards


Flying into JFK Airport this morning on our way to see the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra perform at Carnegie Hall, Buzz loved certain things about New York. We love the fruit vendors and the street food, the shish kebabs, the international feel.


The airport smelled sweaty and it felt grittier than ours. Our Buffalo airport is always so clean and nice and no muss, no fuss.

There was absolutely no reference that we could see in JFK Airport to the Spring For Music Festival going on at Carnegie Hall, the festival for which the BPO is performing on Wednesday night. Our airport has signs cheering the orchestra on.

Not only that but ...

No Jasper Johns in the johns!

In Buffalo you come to expect certain amenities, such as that Albright-Knox Jasper Johns painting, pictured above, that graces our airport restrooms. That is what we wrote in Twitter. 

And then -- and then -- we got to wondering about it.

Could the designers of our airport have meant that on purpose, to put Jasper Johns in, well, the johns?

We hope so! Those would be designers you could be proud of!

Another relevant Albright-Knox masterpiece could be Picasso's "La Toilette."


BPO May Inspire Utah Man To Fly Here Permanently


Utah music fan David Sullivan, 34, loves Russian composer Reinhold Gliere so much that he is flying to New York on the red-eye tonight so he can be there at Carnegie Hall when the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performs Gliere's rarely-performed Third Symphony.

Not only that, but Sullivan flew to Buffalo last weekend to catch both performances of the symphony at Kleinhans Music Hall!

"I love the neighborhood around Kleinhans," he told us. "If I were to move there, that's where I would want to live."

He had met JoAnn Falletta, the BPO's music director. "I quickly thanked her for programming this symphony," he said on the phone with Buzz. "It's so rarely heard." He had gone to Pausa Art House and had met its owner, UB trumpet professor Jon Nelson. It turned out Nelson knew a trumpet player David knew. He went to Niagara Falls and -- Buzz loved this -- the Tifft Nature Preserve.

What impressed him most of all was the famous Buffalo spirit and the city's support for the BPO on its historic 24th visit to Carnegie Hall, happening Wednesday night.

He could not get over the signs at the Buffalo airport!

"That just floored me," he said. "I love how the whole city supports the BPO."

Buzz popped the question.

"David," we said. "Do you think you might consider moving here?"

After all, he is single. He works in computers, the kind of work you can do anywhere.

We could hear David considering our question, a couple of time zones away.

"I might," he said. "I was thinking about that. I just might."


NYC Rolls Out Red Carpet For Buffalo Broadcasting Legend

DorisAs Buzz gets ready to fly to New York to catch the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, we are thrilled to hear once again how nice the people there are! Allow us to introduce our authority, Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Famer Doris Jones.

Miss Jones, pictured at left, flew to New York over the weekend. She was preparing to board a bus from LaGuardia Airport to 122nd Street when she realized that she had nothing smaller than a $10.

What to do??

Ah! She noticed one bus had its door open. She approached and explained to the driver that she did not have the correct change.

"Lady," said the driver, "you are S*** out of luck!!"

Then he gave her a bus ticket.

"WELCOME to New York!" crowed Doris. "What great people! FREE ride!"

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