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Buffalo's Most Amazing Shopping Bag

Buzz joined the crowd at the Undy 5K this morning in Delaware Park, our sneakers squishing in the rain, and if there was one thing more amazing than the giant walk-in colon, it was this giant shopping bag they gave out, which we made sure to grab.

2014-03-01 undie 002

Yes, you read that correctly. It says: "Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test." 

We can't wait to take it to Wegmans!

JetBlue Flight Attendant Will Have Her Little Joke


Buzz, earlier today, thought to ourself, sure, it's March, it's going to be cold, but does it have to be bitterly cold?

And we had to laugh, reading on Twitter about a JetBlue flight attendant, pictured above, said upon landing here yesterday.

Somebody named Paul Mitro tweeted that when the plane touched down in Buffalo, this attendant announced: "JetBlue welcomes you to Aruba....just kidding, you're in Buffalo, I was just in Aruba, it was really nice."

Hahaa! Welcome to Buffalo, JetBlue passengers!

Misery loves company!

Could Snow Put a Ding in Dyngus Day?

The eloquent folks over at Dyngus Day are worried about the pussy willow harvest. Their poem below, in the spare yet vivid style of the late-Renaissance Polish poet Mikołaj Sęp Szarzyński:

Pussy willows put in peril by being pelted with snow?

Say it ain't so!

With this alarming picture:


Jamestown Is Blue

That last weather statistic Buzz absorbed before falling asleep last night was that in Jamestown it was nine below zero.

We give you the immortal Sonny Boy Williamson.

This goes out to Jamestown!


Road Salt Located In Nick of Time With School Supplies and Ant Traps


Pssst. About that elusive road salt  (as shown in the above classic Buffalo News photo) ...

Buzz's friend Stephanie tells us that she found some yesterday at the Tops at Transit and Maple.

However! She says it is not where the big sign is that says "Rock Salt." It is the next aisle over, by the school supplies and ant traps.

"I needed a takeout person to take it to my car," she said.

Thank you for the tip, Stephanie!

You are worth your salt!

Buffalo Snubs Snowstorm



Everyone recognizes that powerful symbol. It means "No Blizzard."

Remember what Scarlett O'Hara was told about Rhett Butler in "Gone With the Wind"? "My dear, he isn't received." Buffalonians are saying that about today's predicted snowstorm.

My dear, it is not received!

You cannot even buy salt in the hardware stores any more. They are out of it and they are not reordering it. Let it run out.

As far as shoveling goes there is a general strike.

There is talk that the storm will be turned away by the city's indifference.

Fiddle dee dee!


About Those Mysterious Midnight Explosions Downtown


Buzz was downtown 'round midnight last night and was shocked when suddenly we began hearing muffled booms. Like an ammunitions plant exploding.

Fireworks, were our first thought. But how could they be fireworks? It was midnight. It was winter. And it was stormy. Snow was coming down and the roads were slick.

Boom, boom, boom! The explosions seemed to be coming from the direction of the river. Maybe they were blowing up ice on the lake or something? We put something up on Facebook, looking for answers, and found we weren't the only ones alarmed. One woman wrote: "Fire in the popcorn factory? I'm hearing it in Williamsville."

As the noise went on it grew frightening. We thought we saw flashes reflected in a window. Howard, the guy we married, said, "We better get out of here."

Well ...

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The 3 Things To Love About the Elmwood Bus

Hamburg 002

1. Enjoying urban vistas like the one above, pictured above in a snapshot we took this morning with our mittened hands. Scoot over, Charles Burchfield!

2. Catching the bus in the snowy shadow of Voelker's Bowling.

Hamburg 001


And finally, best of all ...

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As Snowstorm Peaks, the Beer Poet Speaks


Allow us to introduce Gene McCarthy's Tavern, postponing tonight's meeting of the Better Beverage Society because of the iffy weather.


The weather outside is frightful, even if beer makes us delightful!
But since it's so hard to go, we've postponed cuz of the snow, cuz of the snow!
Better Beverage with Hamburg will happen, on Wed, Feb 19 we'll be rappin!
So please stay home tonight, and drink some craft beer by fire light!

Any person who needs a refund, simply call us and we'll give you one!
Cuz there's always someone else waitin', tho' we'd all love you to make it!
By the time of our next Better Beverage, we may even have our own beer as leverage!And now it's time for me to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
It was signed "The Beer Poet." 
Beer Poet, you are mighty fine.
Now pass, us, please, that frosty stein!

The Snow Princess


Buttoning up our coat this morning, Buzz despaired. We felt like the girl in the picture up above. Or, as we told Howard, the guy we married, we felt like something out of the Brothers Grimm.

Howard did not contradict us as we had hoped he would. But he said: "Look at it this way, everyone else is in the same boat."

That is for sure!

And furthermore the boat is surrounded by ice. The boat is not going anywhere!

It actually cracks us up. We have to love the wit of the other people in the same boat.

Like Jeff Paterson, the head of the Community Music School. Jeff wrote on Facebook: "Pretty sure my car just swore at me when I started it."

And another friend who does not like his name mentioned wrote:

"Love the four seasons here, this current one is just being a bit of jerk."

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