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Hamburger Could Claim Blizzard Award


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Our recent blizzard is not all that distant and so all the ballots are not in. Early results, though, reveal a strong contender for the winner in the keenly competitive category of Most Frivolous Violation of a Driving Ban.

It is a woman who, in a feat pictured above, drove through the teeth of the blizzard to go to the gym. Southtowns Fitness, we are talking about, so you know we are not making this up.

What's so special about that, you say. I went to the gym too in the blizzard, you say. However.

She drove to the gym TO TAN.

The gym happened to be open because the owner was there to see to a broken furnace, is what Buzz heard. Says our source: "He could not believe she showed up to go tanning. In a blizzard!"

Hey, that's Buffalo. That is what makes our town great.

You go, girl!


Blizzard of Jokes


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Facebook plus snowstorm equals a lot of laughs! It brings out the comedian in us all.

"Gore-Tex for the Vortex." This is from Forgotten Buffalo's Airborne Eddy. Oh wait, he is an actual comedian. That is his picture we posted up above. We think it's him. It looks like his street. Well, whatever, we figure he won't mind seeing that he is used to being on TV and everything.

Eddy also wrote, on Facebook: "I had to shovel the driveway to get the convertible out but I can't get the damn top off. It's frozen!"

Another friend writes:

"The driving is bad so I am sending my mom up to 7-11 for beer and chips. My only hope is they are open, and there is beer left. Oops better call her and tell her not to forget the dip."

Good thinking. Similar wisdom comes from Howard, the guy we married.

"A six-pack isn't going to do it this time," he advised his friends before the storm even hit.

"Start drinking now!"

What Happens When You Challenge A Bus


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz did the Metro Bus thing today in the snow, as shown above in a Buzz file photo, and we are not sorry. While everyone else was sliding around and turning their headlights on and calling the radio saying how bad the traffic was ... we were sleeping!

And we woke up just in time to see something we've always wanted to see.

There is this corner with a stop light where a sign indicates that you should stop far in advance of the signal. It is Delaware Avenue and Amherst Street. The reason the sign is there is, the bus makes this turn. And it needs room.

People are always ignoring this sign and we have wondered: What would happen if a bus came along when someone was sitting there in the forbidden area?

This is what happened today on the snowy corner. And here is what happened:

Continue reading "What Happens When You Challenge A Bus" ยป

19 Degrees, Feels Like 2 Degrees, And Still, And Still ...


... running out to our car freezing, Buzz just saw someone in shorts.

Ambling down Scott Street, la la la la la.

We quick snapped a picture and if you click on it to blow it up, you will see that it is true.

A wonderful New Year's Eve sight!

Christmas Time in Buffalo Is ....

Elmwood 012

Being picked up by the No. 20 Elmwood bus, its sign flashing "Happy Holidays," in front of Voelker's Bowling!

That was what Buzz did this morning after our car went into the shop for the second time this week. Which is fine with us. Who wanted to be driving in that rush hour this morning? The mechanic was trying to see if he could fix it on the spot and Buzz was edging out of the garage, murmuring things about work and deadlines.

Who needs the car? After the last few days?

You can keep it, buddy!

The bus was big and safe and warm. Someone got in our way and the bus driver gave him the horn. Unchallenged, we trundled down Elmwood. Buzz took pictures of the snowy cityscape. That is one of our masterpieces up above. Inside the bus, a poster advertised the Irish Festival ...

Elmwood 015

... that took place on the waterfront in August.

Life on the Metro Bus, it is like a parallel universe.

Merrily we roll along!


A Big Buffalo Welcome

Buzz's cousin was in Orlando, Fla., where it was 87 degrees and she flew back to Buffalo last night with no boots and no coat, just a cape.

This is how the Buffalo airport greeted her.

LOL, it looks like the moon!

Welcome home!


In a Buffalo Snowstorm, If You're Not Doing Doughnuts ...

... you're eating them!

Behold two folks in South Buffalo, heading to Tim Horton's in shorts.


Buffalo Thanksgiving Music Video Goes Viral


We speak, of course, of "It's The Most Buffalo Week of the Year," performed by cabaret legend Guy Boleri and the guy Buzz married, Howard Goldman. Click here to hear it.

It is the musical version of the cover story in today's Spotlight section on how Thanksgiving weekend reveals our city's psyche. The photos are great. Love the shots of Luna. And the World's Largest Disco.

Everybody sing!


Meteorologist Finds Halloween Forecast Foggy


Meteorologist Don Paul writes today on Facebook:

We're still looking "less wet" for the Trick or Treat hours of late Halloween afternoon & early evening, when drier air will thin out the widespread showers to just a few. While temps will be mild--60s, a stiff wind will take some of the edge off that warming. 

He got this response:

"aw darn the poor kids but it's oct we know it can happen even with snow on Halloween."

Don goes ahead and gets into it. Buzz loves when weather forecasters do that.

I don't get your post. There is zero chance of snow this Halloween. What I posted was actually somewhat positive, not negative.

Memo to Don Paul: As one editor once said to Buzz, "People can't read." 

p.s. About that zero chance of snow, better change that zero chance to 1 percent chance.

Never say never!

The Best Thing About This Cold, Rainy Monday ...

2013-10-07 beach 025

... is waking up with sand in your bed!

Buzz went to Beaver Island yesterday. We took the picture up above as the sun was going down. Funny to have the sun going down early, and the temps being in the 80s, or whatever they were. We had just taken our last dip for the day.

Swimming, in October! What a treat that was. And there were only four or five other people at the beach all day. Just a couple of couples, strolling past with their dogs and their kids, all in a kind of daze. "Unbelievable," they said, shaking their heads. "The air! Incredible!"

Gotta love Buffalo.

You never know what to expect!

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