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On the third day of Christmas, Spotify gave to me ...

Radio2... We do not want to say what!

Remember the other day, when Spotify responded to all our playing of Christmas carols sung by the Vienna Choir Boys, the Choir of King's College Cambridge, etc. by recommending Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?

It has gotten worse!

Now Spotify is into breaking up our classical Christmas playlist by advertising, ahem ...

... We hate saying this! ...

... Trojan condoms.

What in the world, you know? It happened to a friend of ours, too. He wrote: "I'm listening to 'Christmas with Peggy Lee' right now on Spotify, and it keeps playing the same Trojan condom ad every few songs, complete with the 'Trojan Man' jingle."

That must have been the Trojan Man jingle we were hearing. It was really adult, is all we can say. Really adult.

These are not tidings of great joy!

Take that, Brian Higgins

CNBC lists Buffalo way up at the top of its 10 Best Cities To Move To. And the big question is ...

What picture do they run to prove their point?

Was it a picture of handsome Brian Higgins?


Was it a picture of the handsome Skyway?

You betcha!


Apparently CNBC considers our Skyway to be the nicest thing about Buffalo.

They didn't have a picture of Brian Higgins being the nicest thing about Buffalo, did they?

It keeps amazing us, all the problems that are overdue for fixing, and yet our public servants, led by Mr. Higgins, just will not let our perfectly good Skyway be. They never listen to us. Perhaps they will listen to CNBC.

Memo to public servants: Hands off the Skyway.

Long live our signature bridge!

Habemus Tweet


Buzz signed up to follow the Pope on Twitter. He goes by @Pontifex. We were something like follower 255,676.

As a Buffalonian it is our duty to do our part to draw the Pope into discussions of wings, the Bills and what is going on with the old FWS building. You know that once he starts Tweeting -- he is scheduled to start on Wednesday -- he will quickly become involved with Buffalo. You just know.

A lot of people are throwing very nasty messages up at the Pope. But some messages are sweet and funny.

One we loved read simply: "Habemus Tweet."

When they elect a new Pope the message that goes out is "Habemus Papam," Latin for "We have a Pope."

We have a Tweet! Well, we will, on Wednesday.

Let's do our best to make it about the Bills.

3 headlines that belong in The Onion

The line that separates normal news from the parady site the Onion grows fainter every day.

Examples from Yahoo! News just this morning:

"Teen Looks Like a Cartoon."

"Red Sox Fan Embarrassed."

"Four Instances That Deserve Closer Consideration."

I actually think that last one was a mistake and they took it down. Earlier today I was laughing about it with a co-worker but now I can no longer find it on Yahoo.

It is fun to play this game, to peel back the headlines and find the ones that belong in the Onion.

It adds flavor to your day!

Frosty, the forecast?

FrostWant to know what really frosts us? (Sorry, could not resist.)

Don Paul, Ch. 4 meteorologist, on Facebook, telling us in the middle of a sunny day that the season's first frost advisory is, well, tonight. That is not Don Paul pictured at left, by the way. That is the poet Robert Frost.

The good news is, this supposed frost forecast is just for Allegany and Cattaraugus counties. Also McKean and Potter counties which, where are those counties, anyway? Frost warnings are not too bad if they are in counties you have never heard of.

The frost warning is not for Erie and Niagara.

Those of us living in Erie and Niagara Counties may carry on with our chicken barbecues and barefoot meanderings through the grass.

And photographing trees in Delaware Park. Here is a picture I snapped earlier this summer.


And strolling on the waterfront. Here is an artsy picture I snapped last week of the Brig Niagara.



Meanwhile, as we go about these pursuits, it might also be time to hide Don Paul on Facebook.

"I am cautiously pessimistic about the upcoming weekend," he writes.

Give this man the cold shoulder!

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