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North Carolina-Marquette game thread

Final: North Carolina 81, Marquette 63. Roy Williams has to be proud of his "keeds."

6:54: Marquette shows some sign of life but the Heels are still winning, 63-45. Ohio State just walked into the locker room to prepare for its game against Kentucky to a standing ovation from Buckeye fans.

14:16: Buzz Williams is yapping with the ref. Probably wants to get kicked out and I can't blame him.

18:19: Carolina 46, Marquette 17. This is uglier than my fourth grade report card.

19:00 second half: One minute into the second half, Carolina has two quick buckets and Buzz Williams calls time out.

Halftime: 40-19 Carolina at the half. This is like a Bills-Pats game.

23.9: I think I heard someone call uncle. 38-15 Heels.

2:09: Where's D Wade when you need him?

3:09: Marquette's players look defeated.

3:23: Marquette went nearly nine minutes without scoring.

3:49: Jimmy Butler's jumper ends North Carolina's run. Finally.

3:59: Roy's "keeds" look good.

4:38: Marquette has already called four time outs and the Heels are still on a 19-0 run. Time for halftime adjustments.

5:12: Marquette is just 4 of 18 from the floor.

6:48: Barnes three-pointer makes it a 15-0 run. This is getting out of hand fast!

8:12: After Davante Gardner picked up his second foul, Carolina scored two quick baskets and now leads 18-10. Heels are on a 10-0 run. Good time out by Buzz Williams.

11:36: North Carolina can get shots inside any time it wants. Right now, they're missing.

13:13: Carolina and Marquette a combined 6 of 21 from the field.

---Sloppy start so far for both teams. Easy misses, jump shots way off.

---We're about 10 minutes away from tip off for tonight's East Regional semifinal between North Carolina and Marquette. The Prudential Center is only about half full but when Ohio State and Kentucky tip off after this game the place will be close to capacity.

---Rodney McKissic



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