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UConn 17, UB 3 -- Final

FINAL: UConn 17, UB 3.

 Huskies 2-2, Bulls fall to 1-3.

Attendance: 18,215.

4:52: McEntee and Nick Williams connected on 49-yard scoring play on third and 7. Williams shakes off Naija Johnson tackle on play. UCONN 17, UB 3.

7:24 and counting down: Bulls have to punt. Nothing for Oliver. Pressure forced Anderson to throw away second-down pass. UConn starts on own 36.

8:46: Score holds. UConn, 10-3. Huskies punter Cole Wagner a major weapon. Just nailed a bomb that Terrell Jackson fumbled and recovered on Bulls 18. . . . UB safety Josh Copeland out rest of night with undisclosed injury. Bulls have been having success with between-tackle runs of late. Would like to see them work Neutz on a slant.


UConn 10, UB 3 -- Bulls have 15 minutes to get in the end zone or they're going to come away from this one kicking themselves. Fourth quarter starts with UConn facing third and 14 from own 14 after Khalil Mack sack of McEntee.

UConn 10, UB 3 -- Bulls come away empty when Anderson is picked in end zone by Yawin Smallwood on a third-down pass from Huskies 5. Yet another wasted chance. Bulls have frittered away no less than six points in this one. UB had driven from its own 15.

HALFTIME: UConn 10, UB 3 -- UB gives up 64-yard pass play and then McEntee hits Hinkley with 4-yard TD pass with 15 seconds left in half. Stunning turnaround. Drive was 83 yards in 58 seconds.

2:34: 3-3. Teggart nails 47-yard FG for Huskies... with loads of room to spare.

5:33: UB 3, UConn 0 -- Fardon barely sneaks a 28-yard FG attempt inside left upright.

6:18: Still scoreless. UB first and goal from the 18 after holding penalty on Oliver picking up pass rush. Score doesn't show it but Bulls better team by far to this point. UB got first down by penalty on drive with a fourth-down roughing passer call against Joseph

13:34: Still scoreless as Fardon hooks 30-yard FG attempt wide left from the right hash. Hold might have been a little shaky. Didn't miss by much but can't squander opportunities like that.


10:29: UB will start second possession on own 37 after an exchange of punts. JOhnny McEntee starting at QB for Huskies.

4:20: Means blocks 49 yards FG attempt. UB starts on own 26.

1:06: UB playing inspired defense. UConn running game getting nowhere. Bulls now start series on UConn. 35.

End First Quarter: 0-0. UB driving. First and 10 and UConn 15 after pass from Anderson to Rivers.

Hello from UB Stadium. Sunny skies. Scattered clouds. Decent student representation in the stands. The hope is to supply periodic updates but they're having campus-wide problems with the wireless so it could be touch-and-go.

Bulls (1-2) have one win over a Big East team (Rutgers 2002). UConn won last year's meeting 45-21 in Connecticutt. Huskies have QB issues but should be able to carve out a living on the ground this evening.

The game is on Time-Warner cable.

-- Bob DiCesare



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