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Live from Reilly Center

Five minutes or so before tip off, the boos emanate from the student section a sign that Cornell has taken the court.

Two minutes later the first loud ovation of the evening for St. Bonaventure as the RC faithful, specifically the students greet the team on the court.

 We’ll provide updates throughout as the men’s college basketball season is set to start.

Solid job by anthem singer on Veterans Day. Student section starts chanting “USA, USA” afterwards.

Fans try to blow off roof (and fail) but still a loud ovation upon announcement of NBA prospect Andrew Nicholson as a starter for Bona.

First half

Tip contolled by Bona.

Bona Nicholson drive and layup after receiving pass from top of the key 19:30 left. Bona leads 2-0

Ferry trey for Cornell. Corn, 3-2

Bona’s Davenport responds with long two (18:40), Bona 4-3

Two misses inside Cornell in Nicholson’s presence.

Ferry trey for Cornell 17:55 left, 6-4 Cornell                                                                            

Mosley first trey and hoop of bona career 17:30, Bona leads, 7-6

Long tarwater for Cornell, Cornell 9-7 with 16:33 left

MEDIA TIMEOUT, 15:59 left 

Long bad three pointer Cornell misses as shot clock winds down and OB. 15:09 left

Marquise Simmons of Bona fouled on drive to hoop with 14:54 left ; Simmons hits both. Tied, 9-9


Josh Figini long two for Cornell with 14:33 left. Cornell 11-9

Foul on Nicholson with 14:07 left. His first but he still needs to be a little careful.


Foul on No. 24 for Bona, Matthew Wright.

Cornell No. 1 at line and misses both free throws with 13:50 left


Trey from left corner by Demitrius Coner with 13:43 left gives Bona, 12-11 lead

Bona Wright rejects Cornell No. 1 as shot clock nears zero.

Wright with tip putback after Nicholson layup through double team just rims out 12:30 left, Bona leads 14-11.

Shonn Miller trey for Cornell with 12:10 left, tied 14-14

MEDIA TIMEOUT 11:51 left

Thus far Cornell has been raining the threes. Four of them to stay in this.


Figini trey with 11:35 left, trey. Corenll leads 17-14


Nicholson first jam of the season, 11:14. Cornell 17-16


Figini blocked shot in paint by two Bonnies

Bona Michael Davenport trey 10:40 left, Bona leads 19-17

Cancer at line for Cornell, shooting two with 10:14 left. Cancer hits both. Tied 19-19

Nicholson fouled under hoop after receiving entry pass from Eric Mosley.

Nicholson at line with 9:58 left. Nicholson hits both. Bona leads, 21-19.

Student fans chanting, you can’t stop him.

Turnover Cornell as Houseknecht grabs bad pass in paint.

Then travel on Bona on offense

Dominick Scelfo trey, 22-21 Cornell

Davenport basket 23-22 Bona

Scelfo trey 9:00 left, Cornell, 25-23

Nicholson fouled on dunk try with 8:56 left

Nicholson his both free throws. Tied 25-25

Tarwater trey for Cornell 8:24 left. Cornell leads, 28-25

Davenport (Nicholson pass) layup 8:03, Cornell leads 28-27

Missed trey Cornell, rebound 33 and Corenll Chris Wroblewski with the dunk, 7:22 left. Cornell leads 30-27

Bona miss, Cornell rebound; Cornell on offense turnover.

Media timeout. 6:51 left, Cornell leads, 30-27

Just informed Marquise Simmons of Bona is out for the rest of the game with an undisclosed injury.


Tunover on ig, bad pass Bona and then turnover in transition out of bounds Cornell. 

Another turnover, bad pass, Bona.

Figini misses trey for Cornell. Open too. Cornell working ball vs. Bona man to  and finding open shooters. Bona needs to tighten it up. Looks like Bona throwing some zone at them now.

Nicholson at line with 5:58 left. Nicholson hits both. Cornell leads, 30-29

Steal Davenport and dunk with 5:20 left gets rise out of crowd and gives Bona, 31-30 lead.

Cornell hits one one free throw Wroblewski. Tied, 31-31 with 4:55 left

Conger at line for Bona one-and-one with 4:38 left. Hits both free throws. Bona leads, 33-31.

Bona back to man-to-man.

Cornell misses contested three and rebound goes OB.

Conger on break, juke, hopstep and lay up with 3:43 left prompts some oohs. Bona lead, 35-31.

MEDIA TIMEOUT 3:11 left. Bona leads, 35-31. Wild, crazy first half.

Gray layup and foul with 2:36 left pulls Cornell within 35-34.

Nicholson who out for about two minutes for breather checks back in.

Gray misses free throw.


Double bonus time for Bona.

Davenport at line, misses both free throws with 2:23 left but ball goes OB off Cornell

Shonn Miller drive and layup 2:00 left, Cornell leads, 36-35

Cook baseline layup wih 1:41 left, Bona leads 37-36

In and out open three-pointer by Davenport

Turnover Cornell

Bona offense, moves ball around and Mosley finds open Cook underneath, who gets fouled.

Cook at line with 44.9 left. Cook hits first, misses second. Bona leads 38-36.

Corell rebound, but steal Cook and layup with 27 seconds left. Bona, 40-36 lead

Timeout Cornell, 25.5 left.

Tarwater short two off feed from Wroblewski beats buzzer.

 After one half, Bona leads, 40-38.

Be back in a while

Corell made 8 of 14 three-pointers and 13 of 25 shots overall. Bona 13-27 from the floor, 11-14 at the line


Second half


Conger layyo 19:23 left. Bona leads 42-38.

Eitan Chemerinski layup under hoop. 18:55, Bona leads 42-40.

Nicholson two free throws with 18:51 left. Bona leads 44-40.

Misses on both ends here.

Nicholson draws charge against Cornell’s Figini, his third foul. Fans roar with approval.

Mosely trey for Bona with 15:59 left, Bona leads, 47-40.

Foul Bona.

MEDIA TIMEOUT 15:51 left.

Miss Cornell, rebound Cook for Bona.

Nicholson drive and layup with 15:14 left. Bona leads, 49-40. Nicholson now has 14 points.

Wild drive and miss Cornell’s Cancer. Rebound Bona.

Bona’s Charlon Kloof trey with 14:29 left. Bona leads 52-40, largest of night.

Timeout Cornell

Ferry layup 13:32 left. Bona, 52-42.

Wright long two for Bona 13:06. Bona 54-42

Missed trey, open one by Cornell, rebound Bona

Miss Cornell from outside

Kloof hits one free throw for Bona 12:02 left. Bona 55-42.

Turnover OB Cornell.

Media timeout. Bona leads 55-42.

Chemerinski layup 11 minutes left, Bona 55-44.

Miss Bona

Cornell Miller layup with 10:32 left. Bona leads 55-46.

Bona takes timeout.

Nicholson basket, 10:10 left. Bona, 57-46.

CHemerinski hits two free throws with 10:10 left. Bona leads, 57-48.

Cook hits one of two free throws with 9:59 left. To give Bona 58-48 lead but Wright grabs rebound of the miss to keep possession with Bona.

Nicholson at line one-and-one with 9:47 left for Bona. He hits both. Bona leads, 60-48.

Nicholson long two, baseline. 9:08 left. Bona, 62-48 lead.

Figini layup 8:57. Bona 62-50

Cook putback 8:28, Bona leads 64-50

Baskets by Wright and Mosely give Bona 68-52 lead with 7:17 left.

 Gotta start writing

Bona up 76-58 with 4:04 left 

Final score: Bona 79, Cornell 58                    

--- Miguel Rodriguez

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