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UB-NIU Pregame

DeKalb, Ill. -- It's dark. It's dreary. The rain's arrived and is expected to fall most of the day. If it wasn't for the artificial turf the mud would be flying in a few hours, when UB and Northern Illinois get at it on Homecoming here at Brigham Field at Huskie Stadium.

Can I get on my soapbox for a minute? Doesn't matter. I am anyway. It cost $4.20 in tolls to drive the 30 miles from Naperville -- where there are hotels -- to DeKalb. There wasn't one toll stop, but three. Two of them were unattended and require exact change because, you know, everybody carries around $3-5 in change in their cars. Make that $6-10, presuming you're going back from where you came.

Luckily the personable and helpful women attending the one booth was able to clue me in and give me $2 in quarters so I could get off at the DeKalb exit. Thank you!

Why is it that states awash with toll booths all seem to be Democratic Party strongholds? Doesn't charging people to drive roads maintained with the help of federal dollars amount to double taxation?
Or is this how we raise taxes without raising taxes and maintain the large public sector work force that, in turn, keeps the party in the driver's seat? We certainly can ponder that question in good ole NY.

I could go on and on but enough. The rainy, windy conditions probably take the long passing game out of the equation today. Would expect NIU to stack the box against UB and force QB Alex Zordich to convert some first downs through the air. That hasn't been his forte although -- and this needs to be understood -- the receiving corps minus Alex Neutz has not impressed. You can't complete passes to receivers who can't get open.

I would expect to see the Bulls take the same approach to containing NIU running QB Jordan Lynch. Zordich's one third-down pass conversion last week was one more than Lynch had against Ball State. The conditions suggest this could turn into a low-scoring, defense-dominated affair although I've said that before and missed the target by miles.

Two hours til kickoff.....

-- Bob DiCesare

UB-NIU Pregame


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Bob DiCesare

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Amy Moritz

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