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Potts Makes the Grade

By Bob DiCesare

UB running back James Potts was in a precarious position. He had made a full recovery from the ACL tear that abruptly ended his sophomore season. But now his grades were threatening to make him an academic casualty and keep him off the field yet again.

Potts couldn't bear the thought of being away from the game any longer. He yearned to get back and follow up on his last play in a UB uniform -- a 49-yard touchdown run against Morgan State in the second game of last season. All the work put in rehabilitating the knee would go for naught unless he hit the books.

"I just had to stay focus and lock in," Potts said. "I had to cancel out everything else and just worry about football and school, and sometimes I had to just worry about school and not even football. As we grow we learn more and we understand more and we get wiser so now I have better time management and I'm talking to more teachers, I'm making sure I'm in contact with them and stuff like that. I woke me up. It was time to get serious."

As for the knee, Potts believes he's better than ever.

"I feel a little bit more explosive than I was last year," Potts said. "I did a lot of work on my leg as far as strengthening it so I feel it has more power than it had before. A little bit more explosive, faster."


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