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Chien-Ming Wang, what's going on?

That's the question anyone unfortunate enough to own New York Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang in fantasy baseball is asking. That list includes Dennis Danheiser, Assistant Sports Editor here at the Buffalo News, who owns him in our work fantasy league.

Danheiser offered Wang in a trade for "a stick of gum" after Saturday's meltdown against the Cleveland Indians, but not surprisingly found no takers. To recap, Wang's ERA is now an astronomical 34.50. He's 0-3 in three starts this year and gave Danheiser -8.17 points Saturday. For the week, Wang is 18.17 points in the negative.

The numbers get more incredible. No pitcher in Yankees history has ever given up more earned runs in his first three starts and to match his ERA of 3.79 last year, Wang would need to pitch 48 2/3 scoreless innings.

The Yankees are likely to skip Wang's next schedule turn in the rotation, which mean he won't pitch again until April 28. He's out of minor-league options, however, so he won't be headed that route, since the Yankees would have to expose him to waivers, and would surely lose him.

If a better replacement can't be found on the waiver wire, fantasy owners will have to let Wang sit on the bench until he sorts himself out.

---Jay Skurski

Swisher lands full-time job

Xavier Nady's loss is Nick Swisher's gain. Nady, the New York Yankees' starting right fielder, is likely out for the season after tearing an elbow ligament this week against Tampa Bay.

That means that one of the season's hottest fantasy players, Swisher, will get a permanent home in the outfield. Swisher has made the most of his opportunities so far this season, wherever they've come, hitting .458 with four home runs and 11 RBIs.

At his best, which he's at right now, he has 30-homer power, and can plate and drive in 100 RBIs. There's a fairly decent chance he's available in your league, so grab him now if that's the case.

---Jay Skurski

Wright goes No. 1

The much-anticipated (at least for me) Buffalo News fantasy baseball draft took place Saturday morning, with David Wright going first overall, to Geoff Nason. The 30-round draft (30!) was completed in a smooth 3 and a half hours.

My team, which I co-own with Greg Connors, picked fifth overall. We were happy to see New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes available when we picked.

The 360th and final player chosen, our version of Mr. Irrelevent, was Chicago Cubs starter Ryan Dempster, also to Nason. Dempster, however, was a keeper from last year, so the "real" last pick of the draft was New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner.

---Jay Skurski