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McKitish sees potential in Flynn

ESPN fantasy basketball analyst Brian McKitish recently compiled a list of 10 soon-to-be NBA rookies who he thinks can make an impact in their rookie years.

Included on that list is Niagara Falls native Jonny Flynn. Writes McKitish of Flynn, "... he could end up being the steal of the draft if he falls out of the top 10 on draft day. His fantasy value will depend largely on where he lands, but Flynn certainly has the potential to be an immediate contributor in the NBA. He will need to work on his long-distance shooting to become a complete fantasy player, but Flynn has the talent to be a major force in points, assists and steals if he can earn consistent minutes in his rookie season."

Flynn continues to improve his stock leading up to the draft, which will be held June 25 in Madison Square Garden. He's got the potential to be a top-10 pick, and has even been speculated to go as high as fourth overall, to the Sacramento Kings. Such a destination would be perfect in a fantasy scenario, since his playing time would be extensive.

---Jay Skurski

The guys who ruin fantasy leagues

In Sunday's Fantasy Sports column, Jay Skurski wrote about the Bleacher Report's list of "Six Guys That Ruin Fantasy Baseball." 

The six personalities are universal, really, not just for baseball. We've seen them in all of our leagues: football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, and so on... 

We all could do a little word association with our friends and co-workers, I'd bet. Heck, we might even be one or two of them ourselves.

So, who are they?

1. The Guy that Loves the Draft Just a Little Too Much
2. The Guy that Drafts All Prospects
3. The Guy that Overvalues People from his Favorite Team
4. The Guy that Sends Terrible Trade Proposals
5. The Guy that Picks Up 10 People a Week
6. The Guy that Never Checks his Team

Check out the full descriptions at the Bleacher Report.

Anyone that the Bleacher Report has left out?

I'll throw one out:

The Guy that severely underdrafts one position thinking he's outsmarting everyone else, then gets offended when you won't trade your surplus player at that same position to him for nothing when he's in a jam.

A little wordy, I know. 

-- Dave Valenzuela