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Alice O'Malley in the spotlight

A photograph of Maggie Gyllenhaal by Alice O'Mally, part of a portfolio in the New York Times Style Magazine. (Photo from

Alice O'Malley, the Buffalo-born photographer whose portraits of downtown personalities in New York City have been gaining her increasing attention and acclaim in the art world, has an extensive spread in the current issue of the New York Times Style Magazine. O'Malley's work has been exhibited recently in CEPA Gallery, and, earlier, in the stunning show "Community of Elsewheres" in the Nina Freudenheim Gallery. Below is a glimpse of that series, with images courtesy of the Nina Freudenheim Gallery:

In her work, O'Malley has attempted to capture the fading artistic spirit of downtown New York City, once an enclave for peniless artists and personalities, now a gentrified area more amenable to the super-rich. (That is, aside from the odd rent-controlled apartment.) Her spread of black-and-white photographs in the magazine is trademark O'Malley: raw, honest, simplistic and yet shot through with a feeling of otherworldly fantasy. (The fashion aspect of the portfolio, described in a letter from the magazine's editor as series of "intriguing and talented beauties in wistful resort frocks," we'll leave up to others to critique.) It's well worth checking out.

--Colin Dabkowski


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