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The weekly theater roundup

Here's our weekly roundup of recommended shows on the Buffalo theater scene:

Kelly Meg Brennan and Richard Lambert in the New Phoenix Theatre's production of "Our Song."

"Our Song," through Dec. 19 in the New Phoenix Theatre. From the review: "'Our Song' is witty, acerbically so, and also irritating and, in the end, troublesome... Roger Piper, middle-aged, married and with a good job, spies across a crowded room at a cocktail party twenty-something named Angela, on-the-prowl for a Roger-type. The likable fool takes the bait, thus beginning a 16-month journey of first deception, then ruin, barely surviving with any semblance of his previous life or dignity. Roger’s chase of the vacuous Angela is pitiful so 'Our Song,' told by Roger in chagrined retrospect, is a lesson in folly." --Ted Hadley

The cast of "Murder Squared" at Ujima Theatre.

"Murder Squared," through Dec. 19 in Ujima Theatre. From the review: "Ross sends us away from this entertaining evening with a couple of lessons. The first is that murder is never as simple or easy as it seems, and should not be tried at home; and the second is that holiday theater doesn’t have to have to be wrapped up with a bow to be a swell gift for those who get it." --Melinda Miller

"A Totalitarian Christmas," through Dec. 19 in Subversive Theatre. From the review: "This show, by Clinton Ours and directed and adapted by Kurt Schneiderman, had its origin as a staged reading last December. And it is about as tongue-in-cheek as it gets. With its own particularly crass brand of humor and some similarly rough-hewn performances, the piece skewers the rampant consumerism of the Christmas season and lampoons political figures like Sarah Palin and Carl Paladino. In doing so, it produces a fair amount of chuckle-worthy material..." --Colin Dabkowski


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