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Two guitars

CastellaniFleur de Son Classics, Ltd., the Buffalo-based recording label owned by the Castellani-Andriaccio Guitar Duo, has big news for the spring. They have forged a partnership with Naxos of America. Naxos will be distributing Fleur de Son's recordings worldwide as of March 1, 2011.

Michael Andriaccio has a new CD coming out right about the same time, a recording with the London Symphony Orchestra. He is performing the "Goyescana" Concerto by Michael Colina. Colina was one of the judges at the last JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition, held in Buffalo this past June. Before the final round the orchestra played another piece he had written, "Mambosa." To get an idea of Colina's music, here is his piece "Chiton," which like the guitar concerto was inspired by the art of Goya.

So, exciting times for Castellani and Andriaccio. The handsome couple were even featured in the November issue of Classical Guitar magazine. That is the cover pictured to the left.

The magazine includes a lengthy interview. One thing interesting about it is how the duo discuss their influences. You don't think of guitarists as learning from string players, but they do, and the pair give credit to the Budapest and Cleveland String Quartets, who were in residence at UB.

There is also a beautiful quote they attribute to Maestro Andres Segovia, who died in 1987. Joanne Castellani recalls: "In his inimitable, gentilhombre accent he said, 'The guitar is so beautiful, like beautiful glass. Two guitars are even more beautiful than one. But with three or four, there are too many panes of glass and it becomes opaque.'"

She adds that one of the couple's coaches then joked: "If the marriage breaks up, be sure to keep the duo going!"

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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