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What's next for arts funding in WNY?


Oishei Foundation Vice President Paul Hogan. Photo by Derek Gee / The Buffalo News.

My coming column on this week's despicable vote from the Erie County Legislature on funding for small and mid-size cultural organizations explores what went wrong during the whole farcical process.

But in a conversation with Oishei Foundation Vice President Paul Hogan on Wednesday afternoon, the most interesting discussion surrounded what Western New York cultural organizations should do next.

His answers are insightful and sometimes unexpected, and they provide at least one template for how the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance and its many members might approach the funding question going forward. It's a numbers-based approach they've already started promoting (though evidently somewhat too late for the 2011 budget process), and it has a lot to do, among other things, with nascent the Cultural Data Project.

Take a listen:

UPDATE: Hogan posted this message on Facebook this morning, elaborating on his argument and providing links to a model study for arts funding in Philadalphia:

For folks who want to see the power of an excellent case, check out the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance report here. More info about the NYState Cultural Data Project (which provides all the data for these reports) can be found here:

--Colin Dabkowski


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