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Dreishpoon on the art market

ALBRIGHT local Albright-Knox exhibit Cantillon 11

Albright-Knox Chief Curator Douglas Dreishpoon in 2009. Buffalo News / Sharon Cantillon

Last week, in talking with Albright-Knox Art Gallery Chief Curator Douglas Dreishpoon about an upcoming collection-based show at the gallery, the topic of the art market arose. When the economy crashed in 2008, there was a lot of speculation that the art market boom of the preceding decade would go away. The latest indications, however, are that the wild and roiling currents of the speculative art market haven't been as deeply affected by the fincancial crisis as some predicted. Something Dreishpoon said from the interview stuck with me, so I thought I'd reprint it here:

I have to say every time I think about the art market, I am completely depressed. Why is that? Because it’s a completely different universe from the world of creativity.

Food for thought.

--Colin Dabkowski


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