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Johnny Weir to zip through Buffalo

Johnny Weir at a benefit in October, 2010. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Johnny Weir -- the reality television star, connoisseur of avant-couture, eschewer of labels, fierce defender of flamboyance and sometime figure skater -- will make a pit stop in Buffalo on Sunday morning to sign copies of his new book "Welcome to My World."

In a one-hour stop beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday at Talking Leaves (951 Elmwood Ave.), Weir will briefly descend from his idling tour bus and greet what is likely to be a large throng of adoring fans. The stop was organized somewhat at the last minute, according to a Talking Leaves release , which also stipulates that "purchase of the book is required to participate in the signing."

Weir, for my money, ranks as one of the more fascinating pop culture personalities to emerge in the last few years. Like a lot of people, I think he initially struck me as incurably obnoxious but pretty quickly grew on me when -- in interviews and other TV appearances -- he emerged as a smart, engaging and insightful guy who nonetheless makes arguable fashion choices.

These comments, which Weir made after he was ridiculed during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, have earned him plenty of respect and have stuck with me and a lot of his fans:

The fact that he's dropping by Buffalo's Talking Leaves for a single hour, signing books, and then zipping out of town, is somehow very Weir. Catch him while you can.

--Colin Dabkowski


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