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Thursday Theater Roundup

Welcome back to the Thursday Theater Roundup, which took a bit of a break over the holidays and is now back to help you decide which shows to check out each week.

This first Theater Roundup of 2011 features just one play, but it's a safe bet to say there'll be more entries next Thursday (as the Irish Classical Theatre Company's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" opens today, along with Subversive's "I Am a Man," to be followed in short order by O'Connell and Company's "Nunset Boulevard," Buffalo United Artists' "Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins," ALT Theatre's "Gutenberg: The Musical," and many others.)

On to this week's one-shot roundup:

THIRD Press Photo
Eileen Dugan and Patrick Cameron in "Third," running through Feb. 6 in the Kavinoky Theatre.

"Third," through Feb. 6 in the Kavinoky Theatre. From the review (coming Friday): " The production is solid, moving at a quick pace with a short intermission and it's over before you look twice at your watch. Wasserstein died of cancer at age 55, not long after finishing this play, and you can't help making assumptions of how her illness may have affected her writing. [Protagnoist] Laurie has a 'therapy session' monologue to help anchor the play, but other scenes seem out of place, even unnecessary -- especially a feel-good ending that could be excised with no harm done at all. But the actors carry it off splendidly, handling the smart dialogue with finesse, although everyone does sound a lot like Wasserstein." --Melinda Miller


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