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The Thursday Theater Roundup

Before next week's spate of openings arrives, there are plenty of worthy shows still playing in local theaters. Here's our glimpse at what's hot on the theater scene this weekend:

"4:48 Psychosis," through March 13 in Subversive Theatre's Manny Fried Playhouse. From the review: "[Sarah Kane's] one-act play is a surreal stream of consciousness whose malleability mimics that of a handful of Jell-O. It is a dream-scape of thought and words, and nothing more." --Ben Siegel


"Shrek the Musical," through Sunday in Shea's Performing Arts Center. From the review: "The creators of this smartly conceived show, which like the film upon which it is based is more of a manic pastiche than an actual story, have wisely avoided the pitfalls of so many recent screen-to-stage adaptations. In translating the story of Shrek into music and dance, the show’s producers embraced the conventions of theater to create something fresh and freshly funny." --Colin Dabkowski

Michele Marie Roberts, Marc Sacco, Steve Copps and Lisa Ludwig in "[title of show]" in MusicalFare Theatre.

"[title of show]," through March 6 in MusicalFare Theatre. From the review: "The layers of self-awareness here are at 'Inception' levels, sometimes nauseatingly so. But all is tempered by a heavy dose of humor ripped from the mouths of today's self-mocking, fake-accent-speaking, ironic youth. And it's hilarious." --Ben Siegel

Cassie Gorniewicz and David Oliver in "Fall of the House of Usher."

"Fall of the House of Usher," through March 6 in Torn Space Theatre. From the review: "Stylistically, this production has all the visual beauty and careful presentation for which Torn Space has become known, and on that basis alone is worth a visit. There are moments when you wish you could hit pause — as when Gorniewicz stands illuminated in the tomb above a fog-filled stage — just to squeeze every last bit of visual pleasure out of the tableaux director Vincent O’Neill and the show’s design team have created." --Colin Dabkowski


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