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A forum on the arts tonight

Laurie Deal Torrell and Randall Kramer, of the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, speak to a crowd in the Market Arcade Building last December. Photo by Charles Lewis / The Buffalo News.

Last week, Buffalo's Common Council issued a resolution that seemed to pave the way for the city's re-entry into the cultural funding picture. The Common Council has discussed a contribution of some $300,000 to city-based cultural groups. It has also suggested that the city work with the Fund for the Arts, a consortium of local foundations that recently announced it would distribute some $430,000 to local cultural organizations this year.

Tonight, in an effort to voice support for the plan and to help it gain momentum in City Hall and in the community, the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance will be holding a press conference and rally in the Allendale Theatre, home to Theatre of Youth (one of the many city theaters cut out of the county budget). The event will be led by Common Council Member Michael J. LoCurto along with Randall Kramer, MusicalFare Theatre's artistic and executive director, who has served as the organization's de fact spokesman since its formation last year.

--Colin Dabkowski

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