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Chuck Tingley's 'Art is Dead' at 464 Gallery


"Art is Dead," a mixed-media work by Chuck Tingley.

When it comes to overt political messages, Chuck Tingley is apparently not messing around. The piece above is the title work in Tingley's solo exhibition "Art Is Dead," which opens today in 464 Gallery. It gets to the heart of Tingley's style, which mixes street influences with his illustrative style of draughtsmanship to communicate potentially controversial messages.

"Street Smarts," a mixed media work by Chuck Tingley.

In addition to a traditional hanging of mixed media works on the walls of 464, Tingley's exhibition will extend into Blink Gallery, an adjoining art space. Here's Marcus Wise, the director of 464, on the Blink segment of the show:

"Tingley has created an installation where urban street life and traditional art gallery collide. Next door to 464, Blink Gallery at first glance appears to be vandalized with paintings stolen and statues broken. At a closer look, Tingley shows the underlying messages of where art stands in our culture. The walls are covered in the outcry of consumerism, the translation from underground to commercial art, government budgets and cuts, advertisements, and technology. In these and others works, the artist suggests that a revolution is needed to awaken a dying society in America."

The show runs through April 28.

--Colin Dabkowski


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