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UPDATE: Poetry proposals called for

Puppeteer Michele Costa, a frequent Infringement Festival participant. Photo by Sharon Cantillon / The Buffalo News.

UPDATE: Word from Infringement Fest organizer Janna Willoughby (aka MC Vendetta) is that zero -- that's right, zero -- proposals for poetry-related Infringement projects have come in. Her message to the poetrically inclined: get crackin'.

The Infringement Festival, Buffalo's summerly collection of under-the-radar arts events that seems to grow incomprehensibly larger by the year, is still accepting proposals for this year's fest. But only for one more week. So, all you artists, playwrights, dancers, fire-breathers, buskers, boomerang-throwers, musicians and otherwise creatively gifted bohemians, get thee to this site to submit your application. The festival, as egalitarian and non-hierarchical an affair as you can imagine (and yet somehow functional) provides a venue and promotion for free.

Check out my running bloggy coverage of last year's Infringement Fest here, and stay tuned for more this summer. The festival runs from July 28 to Aug. 7.

--Colin Dabkowski


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