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Biennial fever spreads to Syracuse

Following in the footsteps of Beyond/In Western New York, the massive regional art exhibition that wrapped up earlier this year, Syracuse (itself a fascinating and vibrant arts city, though far smaller in scale than Buffalo) is launching its own biennial. This call for work from Hallwalls Visual Arts Curator John Massier, just popped up in my inbox:

If you're not already out-biennialled, then you should consider applying for TONY 2012, a Syracuse-based multi-venue biennial. I have met with the various groups organizing this project and they've been inspired by Beyond/In to gather their collective forces and do a similar project in the art venues in Syracuse. I suspect it won't be as large as Beyond/In in terms of number of artists, but there are a wide variety of venues involved, including Warehouse, the Everson, and Light Work. I have also confirmed with them that their definition of "upstate" absolutely includes WNY.

Your deadline is June 30. Good luck.

--Colin Dabkowski


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