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Buffalo's 'Lost Michelangelo' back in the news


Tonawanda resident Martin Kober poses with a copy of a painting that might be the work of Michelangelo. Photo by Derek Gee / The Buffalo News.

Back in October, Tonawanda resident Martin Kober became the subject of international attention when it came to light that he was in possession of a painting attributed, quite convincingly to many, to the Italian Renaissance painter Michelangelo. The story of how the painting was passed down over the centuries before it finally came to reside in Kober's family home near Rochester, is a humdinger.

And this week, "The Lost Michelangelos," the book by Italian art conservator and scholar Antonio Forcellino that ignited last year's storm of media interest in Kober and his might-be Michelangelo, was released in an English translation. On Saturday, the New York Post ran a story chronicling the painting's fascinating provenance and noted that Kober is keeping an important next step in the effort to establish the painting as the work of the Italian master under wraps for now.

Stay tuned for more about the painting as the identification process continues.

--Colin Dabkowski


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