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Jonathan Van Dyke stands up for Jackson Pollock


Artist Jonathan Van Dyke performs a test run of his performance, "The Long Glance," in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Februray.

Starting on Saturday, the performance artist and sculptor Jonathan Van Dyke will be mounting a rather unorthodox project in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. For eight hours per day over a five-day period, Van Dyke will simply stand in front of Jackson Pollock's 1952 painting "Convergence" in an effort to make what the gallery calls "a com­mentary on contemporary culture and the way pervasive technology has influenced how we focus our attention."

Look for my column about Van Dyke's piece in the Spotlight section on Sunday. But in the meantime, you can listen to my interview with Van Dyke, in which I ask him in no uncertain terms to defend his work from those who would characterize it as absurd:

--Colin Dabkowski



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