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Chautauqua Morning Lecture Platform starts June 26

The 2011 Morning Lecture Platform at the Chautauqua Institute begins June 26 and continues through Aug. 26. Following is the schedule and list of confirmed speakers.

Week One: "Global Health and Development as Foreign Policy." Confirmed speakers are Paul Farmer, June 27; Sandra Thurman, June 28; John Hamre, June 29; Helene Gayle and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, June 30.

Week Two: "Applied Ethics: Government and the Search for the Common Good." Confirmed speakers are Jim Leach, July 4; Bill Purcell, July 5; David Gergen, July 6; Theodore Olson, July 7; Michael Sandel, July 8.

Week Three: "American Intelligence: Technology, Espionage, Alliances." Confirmed speakers are Peter Earnest, July 11; Bruce Reidel, July 12; Stella Rimington, July 13; David Ignatius, July 14; R. James Woolsey, July 15.

Week Four: "A Case for the Arts." Confirmed speakers are Rocco Landesman, July 18; Stanley Fish, July 19; Susan Stamberg, July 20; Barbara Smith Conrad, July 21; Robert L. Lynch, July 22.

Week Five: "21st Century Women: The Road to Social and Economic Growth." Confirmed speakers are Adrienne Germain, July 25; Isobel Coleman, July 26; Farhana Qazi, July 27; Hawa Abdi, July 28; Mary Landrieu, July 29.

Week Six: "Iran: From Ancient Persia to Middle East Powder Keg." Confirmed speakers are Robin Wright, Aug. 1; Azar Nafisi, Aug. 2; Nicholas Burns Aug. 3; Farideh Farhi, Aug. 4; Hossein Mousavian, Aug. 5.

Week Seven: "The U.S. Economy: Beyond a Quick Fix." Confirmed speakers are John A. Koskinen, Aug. 8; Bethany McLean, Aug. 10; John M. Stropki, Aug. 11; Fred Bergsten, Aug. 12.

Week Eight: "Sparking a Culture of Creativity and Innovation." Confirmed speakers are Gary Shapiro, Aug. 15; Dev Patnaik, Aug. 16; Col. Casey Haskins, Aug. 17; Joan Abrahamson, Aug. 18; George Kembel, Aug. 19.

Week Nine: "The Path to the Civil War." Confirmed speakers are Gordon Wood, Aug. 22; Clement Price, Aug. 23; Edward Ayers, Aug. 24; Daniel Walker Howe, Aug. 25; Melissa Harris-Perry, Aug. 26.

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