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Echo: Art Fair announces artists and galleries

The organizers of "echo: Art Fair," slated to take place in Buffalo's Central Terminal on July 9, have announced a list of artists and galleries that will participate in the region's first-ever major art fair. The event, modeled after larger art fairs in places like Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach and New York City, is essentially an art sale intented to attract collectors and foster a more robust market for work by local artists.

Here's the artist list:

Selected Artists
Bruce Adams
Monica Angle
Brendan Bannon
Mary Begley
Joe Bochynski
Diane Bush
Dorothy Fitzgerald
A.J. Fries 
Nava Gidanian-Kagan  
Bill Golba
Amy Greenan
Melora Griffis
Alejandro Gutierrez
Joyce Hill
Lesley Horowitz
Antoine Janot
Brian A. Kavanaugh
Christina Laing
Bill Maecker
Ruth McCarthy
Barbara Mink
Julian Montague
Jan Nagle
Deanna Partridge
J-M Reed       
Robert Schulman   
Elizabeth Schulz       
Paula Sciuk    
Gary Sczerbaniewicz
Katherine Sehr
Richard Stamps
David Torke 
Frederick Wright Jones

Selected Galleries

464 Gallery
Sean Madden  
Tara Sasiadek  
Chuck Tingley  
Richard Tomasello  
Marcus L. Wise

Chemical #2 Gallery 
Adele Cohen
Ben Perrone 

Exhibit A Gallery
Novado Cappuccilli
Anne Gant  
Jeremy Holmes  
Joanna Manousis  
Gerald Mead  
Joshua Sperling 

Debb VanDelinder  
Tricia Wright  

Indigo Art 
Jozef Bajus  
Nancy Belfer
Mark Lavatelli    
Kathleen Sherin
Bill Stewart  

Meibohm Fine Arts 
Dennis Baraclough  
Richard Kersting  
Joe Orffeo

Agnes Robertson  

Nina Freudenheim Gallery  
Kyle Butler  
Charles Clough
Alice O'Malley  
John Pfahl  
Peter Stephens 

--Colin Dabkowski


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