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A postmortem on the Infringement Fest flash mob

Part of what gives the flash mob its status as an ongoing cultural phenomenon worth paying attention to is its hush-hush nature, its air of quasi-exclusivity -- and thus its potential to surprise. But sometimes can be they a mite too exclusive, as demonstrated by the high-spirited and super-fun but not exactly well attended mob du flash (p.s.: not an actual French term) that helped to kick off the seventh annual Infringement Festival earlier tonight in Allentown.

Still, it was an appropriately strange beginning to the area's most defiantly strange festival. After the end of the short event, which took place in the vicinity of Nietzsche's parking lot, co-flash mob coordinators and dedicated Infringers Leslie Fineberg and Bonnie Jean Taylor took a minute to deconstruct the event. Here they are: 

--Colin Dabkowski


Infringement Festival
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