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A video roundup of Infringement

This afternon, venues across town are hosting a huge variety of Infrgement events and warming up on a lazy afternoon for the crowds that will be heading their way come evening. I took a quick trip to The Vault, Wasteland Studios, Merge and Filigrees to get a sense of how this early Infringement day was shaping up. Here's some of what I ran across:

At The Vault, Steven Myers was performing his "4 D Art" (books could be written about the one-man bands at Infringement). Here's a sample:

Next door, an African drum circle was going strong:

And upstairs in Wasteland Studios, a band was setting up, so I took a minute to check out the rockin' graffiti on the wall from this event:

Meanwhile, over in the Merge parking lot, an Infringement circus was going on, and these dudes were performing increasingly improbably feats of juggling to the strains of what may have been The Devil in Love:

And finally, I caught up with Filigree's owner Melissa Campbell for a rundown of what's happening at her venue this evening and a bit about her wildly multidisciplinary art space:

--Colin Dabkowski


Infringement Festival
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