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Infringement day two: warming up


That would, for those who were wondering, be the Western New York Book Arts Center, which tonight hosted its opening party for a trio of exhibitions running during Infringement in the way-cool arts space and print shop.

That space made up for about 1.5 (more on that later) of the five Infringement events I set out to see today, but wasn't able to pull off, for reasons having not exclusively to do with the vagaries of the Infringement frenzy.

A snippet of Subversive Theatre Collective's presentation of "Guillotine: Heads Will Roll," which I previewed in today's Gusto cover story on the fest. That show, which promised to transport the struggles and terrors of 18th century France to 21st century Allentown, was reduced to clip-show mode today because a central actor was under the weather. So I caught up with its visiting director, Joe Siracusa (who also co-conceived a prodcution of a quasi-musical "Hamlet" last year), after the short performance in the dying light of Friday night in Days Park. Here he is:

I'll be catching up with "Guillotine" later during the festival and will post a mini-review here. Meanwhile, look for my picks (bound to be wildly ambitious once again, but why not shoot high?) in this space tomorrow morning.

--Colin Dabkowski


Infringement Festival
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