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Infringement picks: Day 2


Today marks the second day of the sprawling Buffalo Infringement Festival and the start (in earnest!) of our daily Infringement Blog, where we'll be offering up all sorts of Infringement Festival tidbits, including reviews, interviews, videos and all manner of hitherto unimagined Infringey miscellany.

To kick off day deux, here are today's picks (sometimes based on knowledge, though more often probably based on educated guesswork) of the five things I plan to check out today. It should be noted that at Infringement -- not unlike in Las Vegas, I am told -- depending on what sort of roving madness catches your eye while you amble down the street from one venue to the next, best-laid plans are almost certainly bound to change.

Today's picks, in no particular order:

"In the Belly," a play performed by the Columbus, Ohio-based troupe Insurgent Theatre (sort of a punk-rock counterpart to our own Subversive Theatre Collective, no slouch itself in the insurgence department) at Filigrees (1121 Forest Ave.) at 5:15 to 6 p.m.

The opening reception at the Western New York Book Arts Center (468 Washington St.), which features: "Recto/Verso," a collection of artists' books presented by the 31 Prince Street Collective, comics by local artist Sal Sciandra; storytelling by Bryn Farnsworth and art by Amy Lynn Duengfelder; and music by Tim Sylvester. That gets going at 6 p.m. and runs till 9.

Sean McGill, a poet "inspired by the likes of Robert Creely, William Carlos Williams, Charles Bukowski, and a plethora of digital poets such as Jean-Pierre Balpe," performs material from his work "Manager of the Backdoor Speakeasy" at 7 p.m. in the SP@CE 224 courtyard -- something of a backdoor speakeasy itself -- at 224 Allen St.

"Volume Vault," an indie and alt rock showcase featuring local bands Big Casino, Coterie of Stern, The Merchants and The Intelligent Gunmen in The Vault (702 Main St.) gets started at 7, with four art installations (see the bottom of this page) also on view in the space.

"Creepshow part 4," a show of work by local artists irresistibly described as a collection of "pictures and projects that often resemble a combination of old comics, bad tv and guerilla theater," will be on view in Filigrees through Aug. 3.

If you've got your own suggestions or thoughts on what's pleased you at the Infringement Fest, feel free to leave 'em in the comments below. And don't forget to follow my Infringement musings on Twitter @colindabkowski, and Tweet yourself silly with the hashtag #infringebuffalo.

--Colin Dabkowski


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